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La la Noodles at Restoran Atson Skudai Johor Bahru

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La la Noodles at Restoran Atson Skudai Johor Bahru

What to eat in Skudai? How about a plate of la la noodles? La la is a type of clam that is very popular in Asia. This is not the same version with the one in Kuala Lumpur and they also offer other la la dishes. It is a coffee shop called Restoran Atson in Skudai Johor Bahru. They are located at Jalan Inang 1, Taman Nesa. You can easily find the location in Google Map or Waze.

restoran atson jb la la

How to find good food in Johor Bahru? We always refer to our friend, Tony’s blog at http://johorkaki.blogspot.com/ . There are hundreds of food recommendations you can find there.

restoran atson jb aunty liang

There is only one stall in the coffee shop and the owner is known as Aunty Liang. She is popular with her la la dishes and simple home cooked food. When we took pictures of her cooking, she was very shy but she has her own loyal customers. When we went there for lunch, there were already tables with la la dishes.

restoran atson jb la la noodle cooking

We ordered signature la la noodles. Their version is with yellow noodles, similar to Kuala Lumpur’s Hokkien Noodle.

restoran atson jb la la close up

restoran atson jb lala

Overall, the taste of the noodle is not too bad and it is better than we thought. We love the generous amount of la la given.

restoran atson jb stir fried la la

We also ordered another dish of Stir Fried La La. The taste is similar to Superior Soup La La but this is stir fried version. Thus, we also love the little bit of spiciness after taste.

restoran atson jb
Restoran Atson Skudai Johor Bahru

The total bill came to RM 30 which is quite affordable in our opinion. It is simple home cooked food by Aunty Liang at Restoran Atson. We didn’t manage to taste all their dishes and they also offer the La La soup with bitter gourd which is quite popular among the customers too. Is this worth the trip? Well, to be honest we don’t mind coming back again. They are open for morning and lunch time only.

Restoran Atson Address:

1, Jalan Inang 1, Taman Nesa, Skudai, Johor Bahru


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