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The Waterfall of Detian in China and Ban Gioc in Vietnam

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The Waterfall of Detian in China and Ban Gioc in Vietnam

Do you know that there is a waterfall at the border of Vietnam and China is shared by both countries? The waterfall is known as Detian in China and Ban Gioc in Vietnam. It is located at the West border of China and East border of Vietnam.

detian waterfall

We went to this place in 2013 from Nanning China. We took the local tour and it took us a couple of hours of bus ride from Nanning. We went there during winter and the weather was cold as it was hovering around 10 degree Celsius.

This waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Asia and in the world. The multi-tier waterfall is a tourist attraction among the locals and it also acts as the border of Vietnam and China.

detian map

Strange enough, you don’t see many soldiers or border patrols in this area. However, you do find Vietnamese and Chinese traders selling stuffs here.

detian traders

You need to take a bamboo raft to get close to the waterfall and along the way there will be many sellers approached you. Most of them are selling cigarettes.

detian waterfalls

There is a small market on top of the waterfall right at the border of China and Vietnam. You can many local products there.

detian waterfall close up

This Waterfall of Detian in China and Ban Gioc in Vietnam is one of the hidden gems of China and Vietnam. You don’t see many people promoting this place as it is quite laidback compare to other big attractions in China or Vietnam.

detian waterfall wide

We were told the waterfall is prettier during spring and summer time but the weather is hotter too.

detian places and foods

As we mentioned earlier we went there from Nanning so this is something you can consider visiting in the future.

detian waterfall group

Please take note that Malaysians are required to apply travel visa to China. Thank you for reading.

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  1. The beauty of this multi level waterfall is captivating. Plus the fact that it is shared by two countries…. I just love borders like this, and this border is a waterfall!

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