May 21, 2022

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Bangkok Famous After You Dessert Cafe is Coming to KL!

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Bangkok Famous After You Dessert Cafe is Coming to KL!

After You dessert cafe is a popular dessert chain of cafes in Bangkok. They are not just popular and they are now listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand Market! How often you hear a dessert restaurant actually listed on the stock exchange and After You dessert cafe is one of them.

after you bangkok

After You is our favourite place to chill in Bangkok. They are often long queues in all their outlets and their customers are locals and also tourists.

Some of their popular signature dishes are their Shibuya Toasts and Kakigori ice shaving.

after you shibuya toast
Shibuya Toast
after you terminal 21 kakigori
Kakigori Ice Shaving

The good news is After You is coming to KL for a limited time only!

They will be at BBW (Big Bad Wolf Books) at MIECC, The Mines from 8th to 18th December 2017. We all love BBW and we heart After You desserts too.

after you mines

So if you never tasted After You desserts before, this is your chance to savour their famous Shibuya Toasts and Kakigori. Don’t say we bojio, After You is coming to KL!

If you missed this, you can always visit them in Bangkok. They have quite a number of outlets in Bangkok so it is not hard to find them. Once you tasted After You dessert, you won’t go after other desserts.

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