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After You Dessert Café in Terminal 21 Bangkok

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After You Dessert Café in Terminal 21 Bangkok

Do you know that After You Dessert Café is in Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Bangkok? If you are one of the dozens who is queuing up for After You Dessert Café in Central World or Siam Paragon, just head on to Terminal 21 as there are not many people know about this new outlet yet!

after you terminal 21

When I went to After You Dessert Café in December last year with AroiMakMak, we were surprised to see that there is no queue at all! They are located on the first floor and just one level up from the entrance from BTS Station. This outlet has been around since last year but it is not as popular as other outlets as no one noticed it. That’s why we blogged about this so you can visit this outlet.

after you terminal 21 bloggers

After You Dessert Café is local owned dessert café popular for its version of Shibuya honey toast. They are very popular among the locals and tourists and recently they announced that they will go for IPO. Yes, a dessert café will go for IPO in Thailand.

We ordered two desserts to share. Their famous kakigori (ice shaving) and their Shibuya honey toast.

after you terminal 21 kakigori

This is my first time having their version of kakigori and it is simply gorgeous. The texture of the ice shaving is like so thin like cotton. The success of After You Dessert Café goes down with their flavours of their food. It is appealing to locals and tourists. For their Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea) kakigori, the taste is just right and it is not too sweet. This is very addictive and I will order it again on my next visit to After You Dessert Café.

We ordered their new charcoal Shibuya Honey Toast (not sure it is still around). The texture of the charcoal toast is slightly tougher than the usual toast. We still prefer the original toast and the ice creams are always good as usual.

after you terminal 21 shibuya toast

The success of After You Dessert Café goes down to their food presentation, food quality, consistency in taste and also the taste of the food. They got the ‘perfect’ taste on their food so customers will keep on coming back. Thus, we will be looking forward to revisit After You Dessert Café again in Bangkok. Maybe they should expand to Malaysia and Singapore one day?

For more info, you can visit their website at

Opening Hours: 11 am until 12 am (midnight)

After You Dessert Café in Terminal 21 Address:

1st Floor, Terminal 21


Phone: +62 271 29266


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