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Dego Ride Malaysia’s First Bike Taxi Is Illegal

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Dego Ride Malaysia’s First Bike Taxi Is Illegal

When I travel to Thailand, one of my preferred ride is their bike taxis when I travel solo. It is the cheapest and fastest way to travel around especially in Bangkok. However, it is not as safe as the normal taxis or Grab or Uber. It is heavily dependent on the biker’s riding skills and behaviour. Thus, it is more fatal if accidents involving bikes so you have to understand the risks before hailing a bike taxi. Bike taxis are popular in Thailand and Indonesia and now it is available in Malaysia and it is called Dego Ride.

dego ride
Dego Ride Malaysia

Dego Ride is probably Malaysia’s first bike taxi system but it is illegal. According to the news report from The Star, Dego Ride didn’t apply any license at all. Thus, if there is an accident your insurance coverage might not compensate as it is illegal but they claim they have insurance coverage up to RM 500 only.

bike ride thailand
Me doing the taxi ride in Thailand

Let’s look at Dego Ride based on the details on their website.

So far Dego Ride is covering Klang Valley only. The steps on hailing a taxi bike seems simple. Hop on!

STEP 1: Fill in your request details (Name, Pickup & Drop off points, Ride Tracker)

STEP 2: Take note of how much the Ride costs when you submit your booking

STEP 3: Receive an SMS notification with Rider details and Estimated Time of Arrival

The ride charges are RM 2.50 for the first 3 km and 60 sen per additional km. They will provide clean helmet with new hair net.

On top of being a bike taxi, they also do delivery services as well.

The concept of Dego Ride is not too bad but they do need apply proper license to make it legal. For more info, you can visit their website at https://dego.my/

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