February 5, 2023

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KLIA2 New Passenger Service Charge Rates Starts in 2018

Budget airlines flight tickets to International destinations (except ASEAN) will be more expensive in 2018. The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) will be imposing new passenger service charge (PSC) at KLIA2 starting in 2018. This is not a new story as it was announced last month but many are still unaware on this new PSC charges.

What is MAVCOM?

The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) was formally established on 1 March 2016 under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 to regulate economic and commercial matters related to civil aviation in Malaysia.

New KLIA2 PSC charges in 2018

For the new PSC charges by MAVCOM, it will be 45% increase from the current charge of RM 50 to RM 73. It will apply to all long haul flights (except ASEAN). The PSC charges for domestic is set at RM 11 and ASEAN flights at RM 35 at all airports. It is scheduled to be implemented in 2018.

Long haul flights will not be cheaper at KLIA2 starting 2018.

The new PSC charges for KLIA2 will make it equal to PSC charges at KLIA and other airports in Malaysia.

We all know KLIA2 is the hub for AirAsia, the best low cost carrier in the world. We get really good deals from them to travel to places that we have never been. One of the main success of AirAsia is their low cost air fare but with the introduction of new PSC charges in KLIA2, flying to places like Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, India and US will be more expensive. That defeats the purpose of KLIA2 being a low-cost airport.

New Malaysian Airport Levy for travellers

There will be more taxes in Malaysian airports next year. Thus, there will be a new levy for air travellers as RM 1 levy will be charge when departing Malaysian airports in 2018. This means passengers transiting in KLIA or KLIA2 will be charge RM 1 levy if not mistaken. This is on top of the new PSC charges for KLIA2. The RM 1 levy will not be charge at airports in rural air services in Sabah and Sarawak and the purpose of the levy is to ensure financial sustenance and the independence of MAVCOM.

With all this new levy and taxes, we as consumers hope to see improvement in the aviation industry in Malaysia in terms of services, infrastructure and more. Don’t we agree with that?

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2 thoughts on “KLIA2 New Passenger Service Charge Rates Starts in 2018

  1. I remember paying for PSC at Bali airport coming back to KLIA2 circa 2011. I was caught unaware because I didn’t keep that much money on my way back to my country.

    It was steep at 200,000 rupiah. Was about RM50++.

    So KLIA2 wanna charge can but please include everything in The Ticket please! Don’t do stupid things like what I encountered. I never go back anymore due to that.

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