January 29, 2023

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Musang King Durian Prices to Increase Soon

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Musang King Durian Prices to Increase Soon

For those who are complaining Musang King durians are too cheap for the past few weeks, well your dreams come true. The prices for Musang King durians are set to increase very soon.

You probably read the fake news of Musang King durian rejected by China, we written an article about it here last week.

For the past few weeks, we have enjoyed low prices of Musang King durians. The average prices for Musang King was around RM 40++/kg compare to RM 80++/kg a few months ago. This week, the price of Musang King durian increases to RM 50++/kg in KL. Some stalls are still selling at RM 40++/kg but it will increase soon.

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We were told that the harvest of Musang King has reached its peak and the prices of it will gradually increase. Other types of durians still remain competitive.

We spoke to two durian traders based in Petaling Jaya and they told us that they are selling at RM 50++/kg now and it will gradually increase depending on stock.

Some durian seller that owns their own durian orchard still sells Musang King durian at RM 40++/kg at the moment but will still gradually increase.

If there is another huge harvest of Musang King durian in the next couple of weeks, then the prices will drop or else it will keep on increasing.

What we can say is there are many types of durians out there. Today we bought XO and D24 instead of Musang King. If you love Musang King, get it now before the price increases or go for other types of durians.

Don’t be surprised by the increased prices of Musang King durians in durian stalls now. The prices have gone up and nobody is sure whether there will be another big harvest of Musang King coming soon.

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