December 8, 2023


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Crab Factory SS2 New Seafood Value Meals and Sauces

Our first visit to Crab Factory is over three years ago. The main reason we visited the restaurant is they brought in the Louisiana Boil concept to Malaysia. My brother was working in Los Angeles back them, he always visited this seafood restaurant that offers Louisiana Boil concept. Plastic bags of boiled seafood or they called it the whole-shebang and poured it onto the table. You can read our first review here.

crab factory ss2

Recently, we revisited the restaurant and it is still packed as it used to be. We were there for dinner as the restaurant was packed with dinners in the evening.

The ambience and interior remained the same like three years ago. What is new is their new sauces and their new seafood value meals. That is something worth to share to everyone.


For their Crab Factory Value Meals, they have three new value sets. The Crab Lover Shiok for 2-3 pax (RM 149.70), Crab Lover Party for 4-5 pax (RM 299.5) and Crab Lover Giler for 7-9 pax (RM 539.10).

crab factory michelle

Since it was just two of us, we ordered the Crab Lover Shiok for RM 149.70 and Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns (500gm) for RM 99.00.

The Crab Lover Shiok comes with 2pcs of XL Meat Crab, King White Prawns, Squids, Mussels, Hamaguri Clams, Corns, Brocolli, Fried Mantao and Shallot Rice. We ordered their Jamba Jamba tomato sauce and add new cheese sauce for additional RM 6.90.

What we love about the seafood here compare to others out there is they boiled their seafood instead of deep frying. We all know deep frying taste good but it kills the natural taste of the seafood. If you want to taste the freshness of the seafood, its either your boil, steam or barbeque it.

If you notice the portion for two to three pax, that is quite a lot. If you make a price comparison, the Crab Factory Value Meals are at least 30% cheaper than similar restaurants out there.

crab factory seafood

Hence, not forgetting that you are getting fresh premium seafood. We are talking about XL meat crabs, king white prawns, mussels and Japanese Hamaguri clams. The clams look like la la but you can tell the size of the meat, its different than the usual clams. You pay less price but gets quality and there is no lacking of taste too.

crab factory

If you are cheese lovers like we do, just add RM 6.90 for a bowl of their special cheese sauce. What we like about their sauce is it is not too salty and it goes well with the seafood.

crab factory mantau

Remember, it comes with their fried mantao (small Chinese buns) and it goes well with the sauces. We usually ordered another set of this instead of the rice. The garlic rice is cool but the fried mantao is the bomb!

Eat it with your hands. The plastic gloves will be given so don’t worry to get your hands dirty.


We also ordered the Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns (500gm) for RM 99.00. For this, we ordered their new salted egg sauce. To be honest, the first taste of the sauce is quite subtle but as you keep on having it, then you get the kick of it.

crab factory salted egg prawns

If the salted egg sauce is too strong, it is good for the first few bites and you get really ‘filling’ after that. With their version of salted egg sauce, you can enjoy the prawns (or seafood) for all night long.

crab factory seafood wilson ng

We enjoyed our dinner at Crab Factory in SS2. The new Crab Factory Value Meals is really good deals. Fresh and premium seafood, great taste and lots of fun eating with hands. Come in a group with your family and friends, get your hands dirty and have real good Louisiana Boil seafood at Crab Factory SS2.

Crab Factory SS2 Opening Hours:

Mon: 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Wed – Thu: 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Fri – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Crab Factory SS2 Address, Contact and Tel:

21, Jalan SS2/64, (opposite McDonalds SS2 and beside Guardian Pharmacy)

Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7865-5850


Facebook Page:


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