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Tabirai Car rental in Japan with English GPS

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Tabirai Car rental in Japan with English GPS

Japan is one of our favourite countries to travel. We have travelled to the Land of Rising Sun twice this year and plan to do another visit soon. So far, we travelled to the big cities such as Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and we have plans to visit Hokkaido next year. As there are many of friends visited Hokkaido, one of the most important thing to do is to rent a car. Car rental in Japan is quite common especially in Hokkaido and Okinawa.


We had car rental in Thailand and Australia but we never had one in Japan. Since we are planning to visit Hokkaido next year, we did a search for car rental company and there are many results. Thus, which is the car rental website to visit?

Time to check out Tabirai Car Rental Japan at Take a quick look at their website and we love the design and template.

The design makes the website fun and simple to use. The website is in English and there are three important features Tabirai Car Rental is offering.

1) The guaranteed installation of English Speaking car navigation system or GPS. This is very important as there are many car rental companies in Japan do not provide such services. With English GPS, it will be easier for you to drive around.

2) They only post cars from major rental companies welcoming users from overseas at reasonable prices compared to regular prices (maximum 50% off from fixed prices)

3) In addition to rental car charges, basic insurance, collision damage waiver (CDW), English-car navigation(GPS), consumption tax are included in a price display that is easy to understand and secure. Insurance from individual car rental companies (NOC compensation insurance) is optional and can be added on the date of car rental (as desired). Please take note that travel insurance is very important while you travel in Japan.

Since you read the three main points of Tabirai Car Rental, you should understand how to book their car online.

There are three important steps to book a car at Tabirai Car Rental

1) Once the reservation is completed online, the specified rental is guaranteed. After that, simply go to the meeting place or rental car company office on the departure date (pickup date).

2) Member registration and credit card information are unnecessary at the time of reservation. Payment should be made at the car rental office on the departure date (pickup date).Credit cards are the recommended method of payment. Book first and pay later.

3) You can cancel your reservation and send a message to the rental car company by logging in to the ‘Reservation Information Box ’ at

It is really simple to rent a car from Tabirai Car Rental. We are booking our car for our next year’s trip to Hokkaido.

If you are planning to visit Hokkaido, you should consider Tabirai Car Rental as they are the top car rental company in Hokkaido, Okinawa and other parts of Japan too.

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