February 1, 2023

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A Little Hatyai Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant

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A Little Hatyai Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant

A Little Hatyai is one of the many dim sum restaurants we went on our last trip to Hatyai. Yes, we are building a list of top dim sum restaurants in Hatyai and A Little is one of them. They are not located in the popular area of Lee Garden but it is close to B.P. Grand Tower Hotel.

This is how the restaurant looks like from the outside.

You can easily spot the restaurant as it looks like a glass house from outside. If you think the food here is expensive, well it is not the case as it is still cheaper than dim sum prices in Kuala Lumpur.

It is a beautiful restaurant. High ceiling, huge tables and chairs and fully air conditioned.

Lovely place for dim sum with air cond.

This place was recommended by our friend Su Anne from Penang as she is familiar with the food scene in Hatyai. A glance at the menu, the food prices here are slightly high but still reasonable.

Sums up our breakfast at A Little

We manage to talk to the one of the owners who is a Malaysian with vast experience in food and beverages industry. This is a brand new restaurant in Hatyai so it is not that popular.

Dry noodles with char siew and roast duck

We ordered their Signature Noodle with Roast Duck and char siew. The roast duck comes with crispy skin with tender meat and it goes well with the noodles. The char siew not too bad at all, similar to Malaysian version. The texture of the noodles are al-dente or ‘QQ’ and the taste is similar to Hong Kong style dry noodles than Thai or Malaysian style of dry noodles.

Their ‘cheong fun’ is good but no big surprises there. We love the fact is they cook per order so you get to taste the food freshly cooked from the kitchen.

Their ‘siew mai’ comes in three pieces and it is larger in size compare to other dim sum restaurants. The taste of their dim sum is fresh and tasty.

Pao and dim sum ‘siew mai’

We also ordered the cute homemade ‘pao’. There are four different types of animals shaped ‘pao’ available and we ordered two. It comes with red bean filling and salted egg custard filling. The texture of the ‘pao’ is soft and it comes with generous amount of filling. Their version of salted egg custard is different than ours so don’t expect the same thing.

Milk or coffee?

The breakfast was complete with the local Thai milk tea and coffee.

Overall, we enjoyed the food here and we don’t mind paying slightly extra for the ambiance. If you prefer a good dim sum restaurant with air cond and cozy ambiance, head to A Little Kitchen. We highly recommend their roast duck noodle and their dim sum.

Opening Hours:

7 am to 2pm, 6pm to 9pm

Closed on Wednesdays


A Little Hatyai Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant Address, Contact and Map:

Saneha Nusorn Road

Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

Tel: +66 98 010 5599

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