February 1, 2023

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Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant Seafood BBQ Buffet Hatyai (ร้านอาหารริมรั้วกระทะร้อน)

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Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant Seafood BBQ Buffet Hatyai (ร้านอาหารริมรั้วกระทะร้อน)

Updated 2019: Price is now 339 Baht Per Person

What to eat in Hatyai? Is there any interesting food to eat there? Well, on my last trip we went for a food trail and we found a new seafood BBQ buffet called Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant or (ร้านอาหารริมรั้วกระทะร้อน). It is located around 15 min away from the city center and you can take a tuk tuk or Grab or drive over there. This is a NON Halal restaurant.

Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant Seafood BBQ Buffet Hatyai (ร้านอาหารริมรั้วกระทะร้อน)

It is a huge seafood restaurant with dozens of tables available. We have not seen such a huge restaurant in Hatyai. You can find many locals and tourists enjoying the food here.

Fresh prawns

It is THB 289 per person NETT. No special discounts for locals, children or senior citizens. Everyone pays THB 289 per person NETT.

Green mussels


What we like is the huge size fresh prawns, the crabs, the clams, mussels, salmon, bamboo clams and the meats. There are so many food, you can eat here for the whole night long.

Seafood, salmon, squids and bamboo clams

There is no time limit, eat until you are enough. However, there are penalty fees for food leftovers so take what you want to eat and they keep on refilling the food in minutes especially the seafood.

Meat section: pork, chicken and beef
Meat section: pork, chicken and beef

The restaurant is generous on their food so they keep on restocking the food especially the big size prawns. This is what makes the restaurant so popular among the locals. They are generous and the food is fresh.

Grilling bacon
Grilling prawns and clams
Cooking prawns with lards

Choose your table and they will give you a charcoal hotpot and grill. The soup will be refilled from time to time and you just need to take your food, cook and enjoy. Do it your own (DIY)!

Dessert section

There are also cooked food like fried rice, noodles and others available to choose from. If you watched the video, there are plenty of desserts and fruits available. There is also an ice cream section available. Cordial drinks, tea and carbonated soft drinks are all part of the buffet.

Grilled mackerel fish or saba fish

Their grilled mackerel is something you try. They will bring new food from time to time and it is better to go there after 6pm in our opinion.

There are easily over one thousand people on one night in this restaurant. This is by far the best seafood BBQ buffet we can find in Hatyai. THB 289 nett per person and the food is fresh and good. We will come back to this restaurant again for sure.

They open from 4pm on wards, the address, phone and map is as below.

Opening Hours: 4pm and onwards

Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant  (ร้านอาหารริมรั้วกระทะร้อน) Address and Contact:

Phone: +66 89 655 6181

1 thought on “Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant Seafood BBQ Buffet Hatyai (ร้านอาหารริมรั้วกระทะร้อน)

  1. Rim Rua Kratha Ron Restaurant is a good place for BBQ and Steamboat if you want to enjoy without having to clean up. Not a place to go if you are a clean freak. Ample parking space. They keep refilling the food so will be sufficient for everyone. I wish there are more signboard and food tags.

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