May 21, 2022

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J’s Gate Dining Lot 10: 18 Japanese Restaurants

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J’s Gate Dining Lot 10: 18 Japanese Restaurants

There is a new place for Japanese food lovers in Kuala Lumpur. Opened since late January, J’s Gate Dining is an authentic Japanese culinary experience located at Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. There will be 18 of Japan’s best restaurants, offering customers an authentic Japanese cuisine and service.

j's gate dining

This is the only place in Kuala Lumpur that offers 18 Japanese restaurants. The built up size of J’s Gate Dining is 26,555 sq ft and is able to accommodate 746 persons comfortably at any one time in an exclusive and private setting. All restaurants will be fully opened by early March.

We went there recently to check out some of the restaurants. We are huge fan of Japanese cuisine and it is like a dream to see so many Japanese restaurants in one area.

j's gate dining lot 10

Below are the restaurants in J’s Gate Dining Lot 10.

Restaurant Name Category
Tendon Kohaku Tendon
Menya Ichiyutei Udon
Kaisendon Kinme Seafood rice bowls
Shinanoji Soba
Fuji no Sakura Japanese hotpot
Bonta Bonta Eel rice bowls
TSUJIRI Matcha sweets
Cravebit Bar Bar
Mo-Mo-Paradise Sukiyaki/shabu-shabu
Torisakaba Hanazen Chicken izakaya
HACHI Traditional Kyoto cuisine
ViTO Café, gelato
Torikin Yakitori
Umai Sushi Kan Sushi
OSAKA Kitchen Teppanyaki, okonomiyaki
Kushiage Kinme Kushiage
YAYOI Set meals
Kaguraya Chicken ramen

Look at the table and you can find many different types of Japanese cuisines in J’s Gate Dining Lot 10. This means you will come back from time to time to check out the restaurants as there are 18 of them in March.

Let’s check out some of the food we had when we were checking out J’s Gate Dining Lot 10.

Kushiage Kinme

j's gate dining kushiage kinme
Kushiage Kinme
j's gate dining kushiage kinme tempura
Kushiage Kinme

Kushiage Kinme is a kushiage restaurant. Their concept is simple, pick the food you want and they will deep fried it. The food will be lightly battered so you get to taste the food more. This is good with beer or sake.


j's gate dining kaguraya chicken ramen

Kaguraya is a chicken ramen restaurant. This is a pork free ramen that offers two items in their menu. They are Miso Chicken Ramen and Chicken Ramen. We were told that the chicken soup is cooked fresh daily and the texture is creamy and thick flavour. The noodles on the other hand is slightly different than the usual ramen. We find the texture is slightly thicker but overall the ramen is good.


j's gate dining torikin yakitori

Torikin is a yakitori restaurant. It has the similar concept with the yakitori restaurants in Japan. You can either sit on the table or on the bar. Torikin is originated from Fukuoka. What we love about the yakitori is the taste and the texture, it was grilled to perfection by the Japanese chef.

Umai Sushi Kan


j's gate dining umai sushi kan
Umai Sushi Kan

For sushi lovers, you won’t be disappointed with Umai Sushi Kan. We love the freshness of the seafood and you won’t be complaining about their pricing too.


j's gate dining yayoi set meal

If you are looking at teishoku set meals, you can try Yayoi. They offer a good range of teishoku set meals that you won’t resist during lunch hour or dinner times.


j's gate dining hachi beef set

If you are into beef, then you should visit HACHI. They serves Kyoto-style Obanzai (traditional home cook cuisine) dishes with Wagyu beef. We tasted their Wagyu beef set and it didn’t disappoint us at all.




j's gate dining vito gelato

This is something for dessert lover. This is the first Gelateria Vito outlet in Malaysia and they offer healthy Italian-style gelato. You can also find aromatic Italian coffee here.

J’s Gate Dining is definitely a place to visit for food lovers. We love to see this concept in Lot 10 and it reminds me the glory days of the mall. With the J’s Gate Dining located on the top floor of Lot 10, it definitely adds more vibrant and food for the mall. Opening hours is from 11 am to 11 pm.


For further information, please contact 03-2110-6850 or visit or Facebook page “JsGateDining”.




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