May 18, 2024


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Koyara Chinese New Year Online Hampers

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Planning to get last minute Chinese New Year hampers for your family? You do know that there are 15 days in Chinese New Year? If you are busy and no time to get a hamper or you want to surprise them with a hamper, maybe you can check out at


koyara malaysia is shopping website that offers organic and healthy food. They offer a wide range of organic food and also other products. This year they also offer CNY hamper with free deliveries within Klang Valley.

Here are the Healthy Chinese New Year Hamper available.

koyara cny hampers

The most popular CNY hamper is sold out at the moment but there are still others left. We received the RM 488 CNY hamper from them. You can check out the list of the items as below:

  • Tomato Nutritional Rice Noodles 200g x 1
  • Spinach Nutritional Rice Noodles 200g x 1
  • Millet & Rice Noodles 200g x 1
  • Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink (10g x 30s) FREE Stylish Vinca Jar 1200ml x 1
  • Meet Organic Multi Flora Raw Honey 1kg x 1
  • Love Earth Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 480ml x 1
  • Yoji Natural Red Date 200g x 1
  • Radiant Organic Brown Rice Vinegar 310ml x 1
  • Radiant Organic Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce 310ml x 1

koyara hamper

This healthy products will be useful for us and our family especially our boys. The package is inclusive of the decorations and the free shipping within Klang Valley.

We recommend you to purchase it as soon as possible so they still can deliver it within Chinese New Year. We don’t call this last minute shopping for nothing. You can also Shop for Healthy Products available on their website. You will probably find some really cool stuff there to shop. The beauty of shopping online is it is delivered to your doorstep without going thru the traffic jam and the shopping crowd.

For more information on Chinese New Year Hampers or any enquiries you can visit them at or

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