February 9, 2023

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Petronas White Angpow 2018 Controversy
There were a few postings circulating on Facebook condemning the white angpow issued by Petronas for Chinese New Year 2018. You can check out the Petronas white angpow as the pictures below. Picture is from Facebook Mandy Ping. 

White angpow or pink angpow?

Why are people so angry about the white colour ang pow? In Chinese custom, white angpows are used for giving donations for funerals only. It is considered very insensitive and rude to give white angpows during Chinese New Year or any celebrations for Chinese custom.
Because there is a word of ‘prosperity’, this white angpow can’t used for funeral. After the posts got viral, Petronas Malaysia offered official apology about the white angpow controversy and it was reported on NST. You can read it here.

If you look at the white angpow, it is actually light pinkish. From what we understand, the white angpow didn’t really circulated to public as the official Petronas Chinese New Year 2018 Angpow is red in colour as below.

Since Petronas has apologised the mistake, let use celebrate this Chinese New Year with joy and happiness. Let’s have an awesome 2018! Heng ar, ong ar, huat ar!

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