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Youmee Healthy Noodles for Children

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Youmee Healthy Noodles for Children

What to cook for our children? Every weekend, we cooked for our boys. We believed in cooking at home for our kids and training them to eat healthy from young. We never allow them to have soft drinks, snacks or even ice creams. Thus, we will go to the market to buy the fresh food and cook for them every week. Now you can get it at Shopee:

Youmee Plain Noodles, Youmee Sambal Chili Fried Noodles (Mee Goreng Sambal Cili), Youmee Green Curry Dry Noodles & Youmee Penang Prawn Noodles

We wanted to look for instant food for our kids and we found Youmee. Youmee is a healthy instant noodle designed for the busy working adults as well as children. This is an all-natural instant noodles with no MSG, preservatives, food additives, colourings and artificial or synthetic ingredients. The noodles are air-dry instead of deep fry and that is the reason why the texture is smooth, chewy, springy and al dente.

Their sauces are all-natural too so you can re-use the sauce as the ready-made sauce comes in all-in-one pouch. You just mix the sauce with your noodles and you are good to enjoy it.

Youmee currently offer four products and they are:

Youmee Plain Noodles

Youmee Sambal Chili Fried Noodles (Mee Goreng Sambal Cili)

Youmee Green Curry Dry Noodles

Youmee Penang Prawn Noodles

It is very simple to cook. Just boil the water and cook the noodles for 4 to 5 minutes depending your preferences of the noodles’ texture. Drain the noodle and mix it with the sauces and it is ready to eat.

What we love about the Youmee noodles is the texture and you can taste the natural goodness of the noodles. Their natural sauces taste similar to our home cook sauces and we enjoyed it very much.

youmee baby eating

For our boys, they love the Youmee plain noodles. Instead of rice, we can now cook Youmee plain noodles for our kids. We just need to top up the ingredients on our own such as meat balls, eggs and vegetables.

youmee zen eating

The texture of the noodles is al dente and that’s why our kids loved it. The taste is quite similar to Japanese ramen and this is really good stuff.

Youmee Noodles are priced as below:

Youmee Plain Noodles (RM 6.00)

Youmee Sambal Chili Fried Noodles  (RM 2.80)

Youmee Green Curry Dry Noodles (RM 4.00)

Youmee Penang Prawn Noodles (RM 3.80)

youmee penang prawn mee
What we love about their natural sauces is the flavours. The natural sauce taste is flavourful and delicious. We added some prawns to give the noodles more flavour.

For the big question, where can you find Youmee Noodles?

The following is the list of the places you can find Youmee noodles:

Youmee Flavoured Noodles:




Plaza Jelutong

The Garden Mall

Empire Shopping Gallery

Starling Mall Dmansara!Uptown

Dpulze Cyberjaya

Mutiara Tropicana PJ

The Main Place!@USJ 21

Mesa Mall@Nilai

Ipoh Parade

Kuantan City Mall

Youmee Plain  Noodles:







Potboy Groceries:

If you are looking for instant healthy noodle, you can consider Youmee. It is so simple to cook, you can have it in your office or at home. It is also good for children and they loved it so much.

It is time to look for healthier food for own and for our family.

For more information you can visit their official website at or Facebook at

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