February 7, 2023

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TGI Fridays Malaysia uses Stephen Hawking’s Passing to do Food Promotion

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TGI Fridays Malaysia uses Stephen Hawking’s Passing to do Food Promotion

You read the title right. TGI Fridays Malaysia uses Stephen Hawking’s passing to do food promotion on their official Facebook Page. Some of my friends who found out the promotion shared the post as they were disgusted and disappointed with the posting.

Screen captured from TFI Fridays Malaysia Facebook Page.

The world mourns the passing of Stephen Hawking at age 73 early today. He is known for his contributions to the fields of cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity, especially in the context of black holes. He is one of the few geniuses in our lifetime and he inspires millions of people in the world including me. The black hole is also popularised by many Hollywood movies such as Intersellar, Event Horizon, Star Trek and more. We respect him of his work and contributions to the humanity and the world.

Instead of showing respect to him, TGI Fridays Malaysia uses this to do food promotion? How insensitive and rude is that? The picture shows half of the plate and the other half with writings of:

‘Stephen Hawking’s passing has left an intellectual vacuum in the world.’

Talk about more than our 2 course meal at RM 39.90 NETT’.

Seriously? They are promoting their 2 course meal over Stephen Hawking’s passing? Next, you should read the description from the same posting.


‘From discovering the black hole to the big bang, let’s toast to the world’s most brilliant mind.

📕 2 Course Meal Menu – bit.ly/theaffordables
🌐 Make Your Reservation Here –bit.ly/tgifreservation’


What do you mean of toast to the world’s most brilliant mind? We wonder which agency created this and why did TGI Fridays Malaysia approved such bad taste posting. Using someone’s passing for their product or food promotion is simply wrong.


As we posted this story, the post remains on their Facebook Page. You can read it at https://www.facebook.com/tgifridaysmy/photos/a.193186293927.130446.128425088927/10156218752468928/?type=3&theater 

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