March 23, 2023

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The start of Durian Season in 2018

We missed durians last month especially during Chinese New Year. Like most Malaysians, we love durians and we hope durians are available for all year round. Durians are seasonal and the good news is the durian season is starting now. Some of our durian trader friends already start sending us the pictures of durians and you can spot some of the durian stalls are opening again this week.

Someone sent this picture a few days ago from the durian farm and it is the start of durian season for 2018. The durian season depends on the weather and remember how Musang King durian prices was sky rocket to unbelievable prices last year due to bad weather? When the stock of Musang King durian is back to normal, there are rumours of Musang King durians were rejected by China and sold cheaply in Malaysia as it contains too high pesticides. We wrote an article about it at The Truth about Musang King Durian Rejected by China. During the limited stocks of Musang King, it goes up to over RM 80/kg and at the end of last year the price drops to over RM 40/kg.

We also asked another durian trader at Sinnaco Durian Specialist and they told us that there will be more durians coming in the upcoming weeks. This means durians will be widely available end of March and early April with more reasonable pricing.

We usually visit the Sg Chua durian stall and we found a durian place. This is at Jalan Desa Aman near Taman Segar near the main road, it has been around for at least seven years and we usually drive past over it but never actually check them out.

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There are two durian stalls on this road so please check the video. This durian stall is in front of Pusat Penjaja Taman Desa Aman. We were here as recommended by our friends. The price of the durians here are reasonable compare to other durian stalls in Klang Valley.

The price was based on my visit yesterday, Red Prawn for RM 26/kg, Musang King for RM 35/kg and Musang King Grade A at RM 48/kg. We tried the red prawn and it was good. This stall is highly recommended with the good pricing and quality.

Red prawn durian at RM 26/kg

Durian Stall at Taman Segar GPS: 3.095788, 101.739139

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