March 24, 2023

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Bangkok Airways from Chiang Mai to Mae Hon Song

On our first time visiting Mae Hong Son, we flew from direct from Chiang Mai via Bangkok Airways. This is also our first time flying with Bangkok Airways (even though we travelled to Thailand for so many times).

Bangkok Airways is one of the few boutique airlines in the world. All Bangkok Airways customers have access to the lounge even for economy class. What they offer is extra service and experience for their customers and hence they are called boutique airlines.

The Bangkok Airways lounge in Chiang Mai International Airport is next to the domestic departure entrance on the upper floor. Just show your Bangkok Airways boarding pass and you get your free access to the lounge.

They offer free WIFI, food and drinks. This is somewhere you can relax and chill before you board for your flight. The lounge is not that big but it is comfortable enough to kill time and relax. The food selection is here is pretty good and we were snacking here before we hop on to our flight.

For the flight from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, we flew on the propeller plane. This is not our first time flying with propeller plane as we flew with MAS Wings before.

The interior is 2 x 2 seating with dark blue colour. The short flight comes with snacks and drinks.

As usual, you get smiling Thai air stewardess and the packaging of food is simple and nice. It was a short and good flight with Bangkok Airways.

If you plan to take the road from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, it will take six hours ride and you will pass by Pai. By flight, it is less than an hour. Of course, the experiences are different and you get to see more via road.

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