January 31, 2023

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5 Reasons to Visit Central Chidlom Bangkok for Songkran Festival

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5 Reasons to Visit Central Chidlom Bangkok for Songkran Festival

We celebrated Songkran or the ‘water festival’ in Bangkok last year. It was not just fun but experiential. It is one of the best travel experiences ever and it should be at everyone’s bucket list. Expect to spend at least four days to cover the whole Songkran Festival. There will be some restaurants and shops closed during the festival but most major shopping centres are still opened for business.

Be prepared for Songkran Festival with a waterproof bag for your phones or cash. Time to invest in getting a water gun and they are sold everywhere. Make sure you filled your water guns with water and enjoy the water fight like the rest. It feels like being a kid again!

Where can you participate the Water Festival in Bangkok?

There are a few places you must visit during the Songkran Festival in Bangkok such as Silom, Siam, Khao San, Central World and Central Chidlom. There are water storage areas in these areas and you can refill your water gun for free. Enjoy the water fight with anyone and everyone. Even when you are walking, there are high possibilities of random stranger will splash a bucket of water onto you. This is Songkran and this is why thousands of people visit Thailand during this water festival.

On top of the water festival, you can also enjoy the local cuisines, go for shopping and try the local cultural activities. Thus, if you never been to Central Chidlom, this is the time to check out this shopping mall during Songkran Festival. This is the 5 Reasons to Visit Central Chidlom Bangkok for Songkran Festival.

  1. Bathe Buddha image

This is something new you might be interested to participate. At Central Chidlom, they offer the bathe the Buddha image for auspiciousness during Songkran festival.

Bathing the Buddha image is a symbol of inner purification. The tradition is believed to improve harmony and inner balance, leading to a flourishing, fulfilling, wholesome, blissful and enlightened life.

You can bath the Buddha image from 12th to 15th April 2018 at 1st Floor in Central Chidlom.

This is a good act or blessing that you should experience.

Period: April 12th -15th

Location: Central Chidlom 1st Floor


  1. Thai desserts workshop

Get your hands ‘dirty’ and time to learn Thai desserts for free (when you shop in Central Chidlom). Central Chidlom offers Thai desserts workshop (show shopping receipt for free participation).

Learn to cook Thai desserts and share it to your family and friends when you go back to your home. Thai cooking classes are not cheap in Bangkok so getting a free Thai desserts workshop is something worthwhile.


  1. 穿越时空 Photo booth with Thai traditional clothes

Many people travel to Japan or Korea and wear the traditional clothes for photo shoot. It is a fun but expensive thing to do. However, you can wear Thai traditional clothes for photo shoot for free in Central Chidlom. Just show shopping receipt for free participation in Photo booth with Thai traditional clothes. I guess not many people experience such photo shoot before and since it is free (when you shop in Central Chidlom), why not? This photo shoot is good for memory safe keeping.


  1. Thailand’s 4 regions arts and cultural exhibition



Check out Thailand’s 4 regions arts and cultural exhibition. Now, you can know more on Thailand’s arts and culture through this exhibition.

  1. Foodloft Khao Chae


From 4th to 30th April 2018, Food loft at Central Chidlom will introduces Khao Chae (泰式香冰泡饭) for this hot summer! This is one of the traditional Thai dishes that even we never tasted before.

What is Khao Chae?

“Khao” means “rice” and “chae” means “to soak” and it simply means “rice soaked in cool water”.

The history of Khao Chae goes back to the reign of King Rama II and it was considered as “royal cuisine” and not available for commoners. Now, the locals prepare this dish during Songkran Festival as part of thanksgiving. This is an authentic traditional Thai dish you must try!

They will also provide handicraft workshop; mobile fish made from palm leaf handicraft and making jasmine garland. Central Food Loft is located on 7th Floor, Central Chidlom and opens from 10 am to 10pm daily.

Central Food Loft offers many different types of cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Italian, sandwiches, soups and desserts.

On top of that you can also get FREE 1 waterproof pouch when you shop THB 1,500 and above at Central Chidlom.

It is time to discover something new during this Songkran Festival in Bangkok. We have stated 5 Reasons to Visit Central Chidlom Bangkok for Songkran Festival but we believed the experience is more than that. Have an awesome Songkran Festival in Bangkok and enjoy the water festival!

How to go to Central Chidlom?

Central Chidlom is located in the middle of Bangkok city. Simply take BTS sky train to

Chidlom station and take exit no.5.

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