February 5, 2023

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Kiddomo Universe The Starling Mall Review

We are parents of two boys and like many parents out there, we want to spend quality time with our children during weekends. We usually will bring them to see the grandparents and to malls where they can walk around and have some good food. Children playgrounds are not the priority except it is Kiddomo Universe.

Kiddomo Universe is the first playland of its kind in Malaysia. What they offer is an innovative environment that is designed to encourage independent discovery, tickle a child’s natural curiosity and most importantly, to inspire imaginative play. Watch our video below and have a look what they offer in general.

It is 14,000 square feet with over 15 stations of classical play with the latest technology. Before we elaborate the things that our boys did in Kiddomo Universe, here is the pricelist. You can spend the whole day exploring the zones and activities in Kiddomo Universe and for that we feel the price is reasonable. Remember, this is more than a playground so you expect the kids to participate in meaningful activities rather than running as if ‘they escaped from a cage’.

Kiddomo Universe Prices

Kids below 2 and Senior Citizens above 60 years is Free of Charge. For kids over 2 years old, it is RM 55 for weekdays and RM 65 for weekends (and it is RM 10 cheaper if you are Kiddomo VIP). Parents or guardians aged 18 and above pays a flat rate of RM 15 per person.

Remember to bring your own socks or else you need to purchase one. Once you pay for the ticketing, everyone will get a smart band including the kids.

Don’t worry, they won’t penalised you if you lost the smart band and you can get an instant replacement from the front counter. The smart band will save all the experiences and activities in Kiddomo Universe. You can print pictures of the activities in Kiddomo Universe at the end of the day.

We don’t be explaining all the zones as this is something you should discover with your kids so let us go through our experiences.

Selfie World

This is the zone where our boys will take a picture, key in the nickname and character of their choices. This will be their ‘emoji’ for the rest of the day. This emoji will be saved into their system and also into the smart band.

The cool thing is the boys can see their emojis in the screen and they were very excited.

Ocean Alive

The Ocean Alive is a dark room with projection of the underwater world with tables. A quick glance of the projection, you didn’t spot something amiss but if you look carefully, the sea animals are actually drawn by the kids.

Thus, what you can do is you take the paper of the sea animal and your kid can coloured it. It will be scanned and uploaded onto the projection and your smart band. This is the activity we want for our boys and not running around and throwing balls to each other.

Dino Discovery

This might look similar to other playgrounds but there is more to that. There are hidden dinosaur eggs inside this play area.

Your kid need to find these dinosaur eggs and pass it to the Dinosaur Discovery Centre. They will ‘hatch’ the egg and see which dinosaur it turns out too. Sometimes, it could be an empty egg.

The kid can save the dinosaur it hatched into their smart band. Other than that, this is a fun area for the kids and the parents too (if you know what I mean).

Homuri Café

There is an ‘in-house’ cafe called Homuri Café. It is a kids’ friendly café with healthy fusion Japanese Western food.

It is a place for the parents to relax and also for the kids to take a break for food. The taste of the food is okay (nothing to shout about) and the prices are shopping mall rates.

Luna Slider

There is another cool zone in Kiddomo Universe. Here you can find many different activities such as the Luna Slider. Our boys love this very much.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is something our boys enjoyed but they couldn’t keep it still to play it properly. What happen here is there will be sensors capturing the kid’s movement to score points by hitting the objects on the screen. I guess the older kids will play this more properly.

Magic Academy

Put on the magical hats and the magic wands to play this interactive game. Like the magic mirror, our two young boys couldn’t keep it still to play this properly. This is good for kids over 5 year old and above.


This is a cool karaoke room for family to spend times singing together. What happened here is there is a camera that captures your singing and showcased it as a music video.

Toon Planet

This is another huge projection of a town. The concept is similar to Ocean Alive. Here you can paint your pictures and upload on to the projection. Thus, they also can print it out on a3 version at our printer and cut and fold into 3d transport.

Baby Gym

For the kids below two, they welcome to use the baby gym. This section consists of products from the award-winning Weplay brand that have been designed to cater to the holistic developmental needs of young children. Weplay was founded in Taiwan by Professor Wendy Wu, an eminent university Professor of Preschool Education and Child Development. Our youngest boy really enjoy playing here.

Glass House

This Glass House can convert to a private room for events such as birthday party. You can also check out the birthday party rates below and Kiddomo Universe do not charge you extra to book the Glass House (terms and conditions is on the picture).

Workshop and Classes

There are different workshop and classes available in Kiddomo Universe. These activities are Free of charge and this is inclusive of the tickets you purchased.

What our boys did is to create dinosaur egg in this workshop. Once you completed the egg, they will dry and baked the egg so you can bring it back to crack the egg. There are also different classes available in Kiddomo Universe.

On top of the above, there are also other activities and games available in Kiddomo Universe. Now, you understand why we mentioned that the price you pay for Kiddomi Universe is justified.

Kiddomo Universe is also a certified Children Educational Playland and they are currently in talks to host special day classes tours from various schools.

Lastly, Kiddomo Universe offers a ‘germ free’ environment as it is sterilised and protected by ‘Smart Coat’ (a child friendly food grade formula approved by the FDA). We as parents are worried as you so rest assured as Kiddomo Universe is germ free!

For more information on Kiddomo Universe, please visit their website at http://www.kiddomo.com/

Kiddomo Universe Address and Contact:

Lot T-326, Level 3, The Starling, No. 6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: 012-901 2969

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