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My Family with KAO’s Parenthood Day

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My Family with KAO’s Parenthood Day

We are family with two young boys. Both of us are working and our parents are helping to look after our boys when we are at work. In these times, it is hard for parents to spend quality times with their children. That is why we need to balance the time for our work and family. Thus, it is glad we know that Kao as a brand, has stepped up – by providing, fast, easy to use, high-quality solutions to solving household problems.

kao parenthood day
Kao Malaysia “Kao’s Parenthood Day” event in Sunway Pyramid.

We recently attended Kao Malaysia “Kao’s Parenthood Day” event in Sunway Pyramid. It is to continue the success of its “Welcome to My Modern Parenthood” campaign and the expansion of “The Secret to My Modern Parenthood” parenting guidebook, Kao intends to continue their focus and support of young families and parents in order to ensure a happy lifestyle.

“The Secret to My Modern Parenthood” parenting guidebook was launched in conjunction with the “Welcome to My Modern Parenthood” campaign, co-created with Kao Japan Lifestyle Research Centre and Positive Parenting, the Official Expert and Educational Content Provider, offers practical, sage advice to families on aspects of home care and increased domestic efficiency – perfect for young couples embracing parenthood for the very first time.

Growing up in the 1980s, we were influenced by Japanese TV drama, pop and culture in Malaysia. We always admire the Japanese culture and that’s why we visit Japan annually. On our recent trip to Japan, we saw many young Japanese children can go to school independently. That’s why we believe Japanese brand Kao can bring high quality solutions that provide families with as much value as possible, allowing them to save time doing on doing chores and spend the time they deserve on family bonding.

Under the Kao Malaysia umbrella, you can find three popular brands like MERRIES, Attack and MAGICLEAN.

kao merries zen

MERRIES is Japan’s number one baby diapers. Our youngest boy is using the brand as it provides high quality, dry and soft diaper that prevents irritation and discomfort. He had skin sensitivity issues and MERRIES works perfectly for him. It is the high absorbency and breathability of MERRIES and we tried other brands for him, he had skin rashes. It is important for parents to get the best baby diapers for their loved ones.

kao magiclean zen

MAGICLEAN is Japan’s number one home care range. For parents who do their house chores, you know MAGICLEAN works like magic. You don’t need to look further for others, we tried and tested and MAGICLEAN is one of the best so far.

kao attack

Attack is Japan’s number one laundry concentrated powder. We have two very active boys and they sweat a lot. Since our youngest boy has skin sensitivity issue, we need a laundry cleaning agent with a unique, innovative and advanced anti-bacterial formula for sweat and odour prevention. It also provides superb protection against bacterial growth from washing, drying, storing and wearing all day long.

universal studios singapore placesandfoods

As parents, we wanted the best for our children. We pick the best brand that suits with them and gives us the best solution in our home cleaning. If you have not used the above products, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Smart and happy lifestyles mean happy family.




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