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Mexico for foodies: your ultimate guide

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Mexico for foodies: your ultimate guide


Mexico is a wonderful cultural travel destination rich in history, amazing highlights and astonishing beaches. But…there is something more you should totally give a try once you embark an explorative journey into this wonderful country:  food! Are you ready to learn something more about Mexico food destinations? Let’s begin!

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Street food everywhere!

Mexicans love to eat and that is why, at all hours and in all the cities of Mexico, you can find street vendors who cook any kind of dish: tacos, tamales, tortas etc. Also called Comida callejera, it is the classic truck food, very cheap and safe; we have personally eaten several times on the street and we always had the best time (and food!). All you need to do is find the ones more crowded with locals to be on the safe side.


Some more traditional choices at a restaurant

Many restaurants offer comida bullfighting, a few pesos menu that includes a soup, a main course usually with meat of your choice and a side dish of rice, tortillas, water, and dessert. These menus are very abundant and are often cooked in family-run restaurants, or even in Mexican homes!


Each city has its dishes! Mexico food destinations

Mexican dishes vary from city to city, with regional recipes and menus that differ greatly from each other, but are generally always served with tortillas, Arroz (rice) and frijoles (beans). Contrary to what one may think, food in Mexico is not all spicy but is accompanied with different sauces.

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Where to find the best Mexican food

Each city has its own local cuisine: some of the best meat dishes can be found in the internal areas of the country while on the coastal villages and cities you can find some more seafood.


How to try everything? Road-tripping’ of course!

Road tripping will give you the chance to fully immerse in both local history and gastronomical culture as well. You can stop whenever and wherever you want when you spot some local restaurant to try something deliciously Mexican and absolutely typical with no touristic traps!


How to road tripping Mexico for your foodie adventure

If you want to road trip all over Mexico you should hire a car first to make sure you can start your adventure in a smart and easy way. We tried Holiday Autos for our last Mexican trip and it was a blast: convenience was the main key of the website beside the fact it is so easy to book and choose all the best features for your car hire experience. Give it a try! You are going to love it!

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What if you don’t like Mexican cuisine?

We bet this won’t happen but, in case you don’t like the local cuisine you have so many different options to eat something more “usual”. Of course, there are also many international restaurants, especially in big cities, so if you want something more classic you can always decide to go to an Italian restaurant, Argentine, Thai, Brazilian etc.

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