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Aori Ramen Opens in Pavilion KL Malaysia

The wait is over. Big Bang Seungri opened his popular South Korea Japanese Ramen restaurant, Aori Ramen in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. They are open for business since last Saturday on 9th June 2018. We saw some of our friends (Facebook Food Pages) covered the story so we went to check it out with our blogger friends.

aori ramen pavilion

The ramen outlet is located on the 6th Floor of Pavilion (top floor) in centre court. You can spot the long queue as it is still very new. You can book a table and you can only walk ins.

We heard many positive reviews of this restaurant as some of my friend went to Aori Ramen in South Korea but we put our expectations low.

It is not a huge restaurant and there are two sections in the restaurant. One section with tables and the other section with single ‘cubicles’. If you have visited Ichiran Ramen in Japan, these cubicles will familiar to you.

aori ramen malaysia menu

A quick glance at the menu, there are not many options. They have two different sizes of the ramen and also two flavours. They also offer side dishes and one rice dish.

For KPOP lovers, please take note that Aori Ramen is a NON Halal restaurant and they serve pork.

The ordering sheet is similar to Ichiran Ramen style but missing the ordering ramen vendor machine.

They have this rule that every person must order a main dish. Sharing is not allowed. Sometimes we understand the frustration of running food business as we heard stories for 4 person sharing a cup of coffee in a café.

We ordered all the ramen (Aori Ramen and Aori Ramen Lite) with the normal and spicy flavour. There is no option of types of noodles you can choose and also how soft or hard the texture of the noodle. There is only one type of noodle.

aori ramen malaysia ramen lite spicy

Aori Ramen Lite (RM 31) comes with 2 basic toppings, barbequed marinated pork and Japanese bunching onion.

aori ramen malaysia normal size

Aori Ramen (RM 35) comes with 5 basic toppings, barbequed marinated pork, Japanese bunching onion, marinated soft boiled egg, dried seaweed and marinated bamboo shoot.

aori ramen malaysia ramen lite

The noodles are al dente and it didn’t disappoint at all. The original soup is creamy and fragrant while the spicy soup comes is not that spicy and yet enjoyable. Since I love non-spicy soup, I will recommend the original soup. For the barbequed marinated pork, it is delicious but the size is a bit small (compare to other ramen restaurants).

aori ramen malaysia TKG rice

We also ordered the TKG  (Rice and eggs with soy sauce) and it is pretty good. We are sure that our boys will love this TKG (RM 10).

aori ramen malaysia pork belly

For the ramen, we will rate their taste and quality similar with Ippudo Ramen. Their Japanese ramen is good but it is not mind blowing like Ichiran Ramen in Japan. For those who had Ichiran Ramen might agree with my statement.

aori ramen malaysia placesandfoods

Aori Ramen is worth the visit and it is not for the hype. With the high quality and taste of their ramen, we can see many Aori Ramen restaurants opening in Malaysia.

They open from 10 am to 10 pm.

This is not a sponsored review.


Aori Ramen Pavilion KL Address:

Lot 6.36.00 Level 6 Pavilion Mall, 168 Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL

Tel: +603 – 21101700





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