February 9, 2023

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Daiso Japan Malaysia New Prices After Zero Rated GST

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Daiso Japan Malaysia New Prices After Zero Rated GST

We are regulars of Daiso Japan in Malaysia. They have a good range of cheap and affordable products for our family. We usually buy household items, stickers and toys for the family.

Last year, Daiso Japan in Malaysia rose their price from RM 5.30 to RM 5.90. You can read the article at Daiso Japan in Malaysia Will Increase Price in March 2017. We believe the increment is due to the high exchange rate of Japanese Yen to Malaysian Ringgit and not forgetting the 6% GST.

Starting this 1st June 2018, it will be zero rated GST in Malaysia and many of our friends are curious how much is the new Daiso Japan pricing in Malaysia. Previously, the cheapest item is priced at RM 5.90 each and below is the updated pricing after zero rated GST effective 1st June 2018.

Daiso Japan Malaysia New Pricelist:

RM 5.90 => RM 5.57

RM 11.80 => RM 11.14

RM 17.70 => RM 16.71

RM 23.60 => RM 22.28

RM 29.50 => RM 27.85

Then the final price will be rounded up accordingly like the receipt below.

We noticed that some of the Daiso Japan outlets are not bringing toys anymore. We are not sure whether it is that few particular Daiso Japan outlets or all of them. Even those cute stickers for kids are either sold out or not for sale anymore. Maybe the household items are more sellable than the kids items.

We also bought the heat packs when we traveled to winter places like Melbourne last year. It is cheap and not too bad. Of course, you don’t compare it with those premium heat packs.

So here are the new prices of Daiso Malaysia after zero rated GST. It is officially at RM 5.57 instead of RM 5.90, a reduction of 33 sen. Happy shopping in Daiso Malaysia.

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