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Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant Review

We are not regular customers of Robson Height Seafood Restaurant but we do visit this restaurant time to time since more than 10 years ago. They are located in Robson Heights next to Taman Seputeh and a stone throw away from Mid Valley. Their usual customers are from the neighbourhood and loyal customers from decades ago. The funny thing is we never blogged about it after patronising them for so long. We thought we blogged long time ago but we never did.

robson heights seafood

The restaurant is located at 10B, Jalan Permai, Off Jalan Syed Putra and they are open for lunches and dinners. It is a weird looking building and the restaurant is on the upper floor.

There is nothing fancy about the design or ambiance, it is a typical Chinese seafood restaurant and it is fully air conditioned.

robson heights seafood restaurant signature pork ribs

We were there for our family dinner. We ordered their Signature Pork Ribs. The ribs are well seasoned and it is coated with sticky caramelised sauce. The taste is sweet and the texture of the meat is soft. For pork ribs lover, you might like this version of caramelised pork ribs.

robson heights seafood restaurant green dragon

For vegetables, we had the ‘Green Dragon’ vegetables stir fried with garlic and beansprout. We have no idea why it is called green dragon but you do find this dish in many Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley.

robson heights seafood restaurant steamed river carp

Steamed River Carp with Ginger or ‘Wan Yue’ with Ginger. We had a huge slice of river carp, steamed to perfection and it goes well with the grated ginger. What we love about this is the freshness and also the texture of the fish.

We ordered crabs in two different flavours and they are butter crabs and sour and spicy crabs. Their signature is salted egg crabs but we decided to try the other flavours.

robson heights seafood restaurant butter crab

Their version of butter crabs is creamy and spicy thanks to the ‘chili padi’ (small chilies). The butter sauce goes very well with the fried ‘mantao’ (buns). The taste is strong and aromatic and we enjoyed this butter crabs very much.

robson heights seafood sour and spicy crab

For the sour and spicy crabs, we thought the taste is pretty ordinary. Probably we expected more or something different. Taste is very subjective so many might prefer this version of sour and spicy sauce.

We will probably order butter crabs and salted egg crabs on our next round to Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant.

Overall, the food is good and they are one of those seafood restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that is consistent with their food quality and tasting. In terms of pricing, it is above average and seafood prices are depending on the market price.


Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant Address:

10B, Jalan Permai, Off Jalan Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, 50460, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 50460

Phone: 03-2274 1633

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