May 19, 2022

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AirAsia New Power Bank Restrictions 2018

airasia powerbank

LATEST UPDATE: AirAsia have contacted us that they just updated the policy and this is no longer applicable.

There is a memo dated 30th July 2018 (today) on the Power Bank usage and restriction on board. For those who are carrying power banks on their hand carry baggage, please take note.


You can read the whole memo below and we will highlight the important parts of the memo.

airasia powerbank statement

With immediate effect, the use and charging of powerbanks are prohibited on board all flights.

For passengers who are carrying powerbank(s) in their cabin baggage, the following procedure will apply:

  1. Enclose the terminals in the original retail packaging, or
  2. Tape all exposed terminals, or
  3. Place each battery in a separate plastic bag (or protective pouch)

Each passengers are limited to a maximum of 2 spare lithium ion batteries (powerbank) for personal use only which are within allowable size limitation (must not exceed 100wh or 20000mAh).

Important: All powerbanks are NOT allowed in checked baggage.

In layman terms, each passenger can only carry a maximum of 2 powerbanks (not exceed 20000mAh) in their hand carry baggage. The powerbanks must be in their original retail packaging or put in a separate bag or pouch. The use and charging of powerbanks are prohibited on board all flights. You cannot use the powerbank on board of the flight.

Looks like they are going to check the hand carry baggage for powerbanks probably and limit the powerbanks to 2 units (not exceed 20000mAh). We know some airlines limit the powerbank unit (not exceed 10000mAh) so this is not a new rule.

Remember to put the powerbanks in their original packaging or in a plastic bag or pouch.

You can’t check in powerbanks in your check-in luggage and this is not a new rule too as many airlines prohibited that.

The use and charging of powerbanks are prohibited on board all flights, this is a new rule. Not sure how strict will be cabin crews on this rule.

Do please take note on this Airasia new Power Bank Restrictions, share it among your friends and families if they are flying with AirAsia soon.

8 thoughts on “AirAsia New Power Bank Restrictions 2018

  1. Francis,

    The portal that stated this is a fake this is circulating fake news. We have been in touch with AirAsia and as mentioned at the top of our post Airasia just updated the policy and this is no longer applicable.

    Thank you for your concern.


  2. ….another damn hassle flying on Air Asia…
    I would like DCA to drop the requirement for cabin dollys on shorthaul flights..need one security guard only

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