May 19, 2024


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AirAsia Response on New Power Bank Restrictions

airasia response

We heard some Chinese portals stating that the AirAsia new power bank restrictions memo we blogged is FAKE NEWS. Some of our bloggers messaged us to inform us that it is fake news. If you have not read the story, you can read it at AirAsia New Power Bank Restrictions 2018.

We have been in touch with AirAsia since we posted the story and they responded in the evening. We can’t post our conversation but basically this is what was informed to us.

“please be informed that we have just updated the policy and this is no longer applicable.”

We know that is not enough to convince everyone so we asked AirAsia on their Official Twitter (AirAsia Support) and this is the feedback.

airasia twiiter powerbank

“Hi there, so sorry for the inconvenience caused, you may ignore the message for now as the announcement has been postponed. However it is advised to follow the instruction for your own safety. Thanks – Nick”

Here is the thing, if the memo is fake and do think is will be the response by the AirAsia team? It is clearly stated that the announcement is postponed or no longer applicable.

Power bank restrictions by airlines are not new. Some airlines will scan your check-in luggage for power banks and if they found one, they will ask you to remove it on the spot. Thus, they will also check the capacity of the power bank in your hand luggage. Most airlines limit the powerbank capacity to 20000mAh. We have gone thru all that in other airlines and airports outside Malaysia.

We hope this clear out some of the confusion on our previous article and we will update once we received new details on this matter. Thanks for reading our blog.

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