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Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Park New Location Revealed

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Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Park New Location Revealed

Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Park in Setia EcoHill Semenyih is officially ended yesterday. We know there are still many people wanted to bring their family to visit this ‘pop-up’ dinosaur theme park. If you never seen the pictures or review, you can read it at Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill Semenyih Review. Like it or not, the intention is for the developer to showcase the properties and using Dinosaur Kingdom as one of their marketing plans is one of the smartest moves ever. The best part is you have to pay to enter the theme park and it is RM 30 per person excluding the rides and activities.

dinosaur kingdom rawang

Since the Dinosaur Kingdom theme park is closed in Setia Ecohill Semenyih, we knew they will relocate the theme park to their other property.

We checked the website and they have revealed that they are moving to Rawang in August. We checked Sp Setia’s projects in Rawang and we found Setia Eco Templer.

dinosaur rawang

The Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Park will most likely move to Setia Eco Templer in August 2018. Will update this post once they confirmed with the dates.

Like we mentioned in our previous blog, whether it is worth to bring your family to Dinosaur Kingdom depends on how you look at it. How much can you pay for the experiences you have with your family? For us, the answer is priceless.

dinosaur kingdom swamp

If you miss the Dinosaur Kingdom theme park in Setia EcoHill Semenyih, keep calm and wait for Dinosaru Kingdom theme park in Setia Eco Templer in August.

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