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Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill Semenyih Review

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Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill Semenyih Review

You probably seen it on Facebook or Youtube and this is probably the review you want to read. Dinosaur Kingdom Setia Eco Hill Semenyih is ending this weekend. Is it worth the visit? This is a ‘pop-up’ theme park which means the theme park is not permanent. The Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill opens 12 noon to 10.30pm from 14th June to 8th July 2018 at Setia EchoHill Semenyih.

Dinosaur Kingdom theme park moved to new location, read here.

dinosaur kingdom

The Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill is a theme park is built in the housing development by SP Setia. It is designed to attract families to visit the theme park and also the properties. It is a new way to promote properties as it is challenging time for developers.

Is Dinosaur Kingdom Setia Eco Hill worth the visit? For the entrance fees, it is RM 30 per person and that excludes rides and activities. You need to buy tokens at RM 3 each and most rides are 2 tokens (RM 3 x 2 tokens = RM 6 per ride per person). If you purchased online, you will complimentary tokens.

There is designated parking spaces fo the Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill. Parking is free of charge but there are limited spaces.

dinosaur kingdom swamp

We booked our tickets online but we still need to queue for tickets. You will get a barcode if you booked online and you need to queue to the counter for tickets exchange.

The Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill is not that huge in size. There are many activities and some moving dinosaurs and large-scale dinosaurs. This do remind me of Mimaland from the past but this is a mini version.

dinosaur kingdom sitting dino

Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill is not covered so it is very hot on a usual sunny day and it is quite exhausting for the parents and kids. Food and drinks are not allowed to bring me as they encourage you to buy from them (plus you have to queue for it).

Even though the theme park looks small, we didn’t explore entirely. We were pretty exhausted by the heat and the queue for the live show is too long. We didn’t manage to get the food either as the queue was long. We went during weekend on the day time. The crowd is better at night as some of our friends told us.

Overall, our boy enjoyed the rides and most of the dinosaur exhibits. We heard many of our friends complaining about this theme park of being expensive. In our case, we purchased three tickets and 16 tokens on their websites with promotions and we paid RM 110.

dinosaur kingdom moving dino

We don’t mind paying the money as parks and attractions in Klang Valley is never cheap (and we don’t want to name the other places). At the end of the day is the experience with your family that matters most. Whether it is expensive or not, it depends on how you look at it. We talked to a family who droves three hours from Pahang to Dinosaur Kingdom Setia EcoHill Semenyih. He told us that he just wanted his kids to enjoy it.

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