May 21, 2024


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Harrods Café Suria KLCC Officially Closed Down

Five years ago, Harrods opens the Harrods Café in Suria KLCC. It is one of the two Harrods Café in Malaysia and the other one is in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). The café is located on the Concourse Floor and it is one of the places for English tea with scones in KLCC.

harrods cafe

The sad news is they have already closed down. The last day of Harrods Café Suria KLCC is on 30 June 2018. We understand that Harrods in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) will be closed too.

There are no official words yet from Harrods Malaysia but the Harrods Café Suria KLCC has been closed down for renovation. There will be a new food and beverage outlet taking over that prime spot.

harrods cafe klcc
A guest posting his appreciation on Harrods Cafe Suria KLCC Facebook Page

We visited Harrods Café a few times in KLIA and in Suria KLCC. The prices of their food and drink is high but please take note that rental in Suria KLCC is never cheap and not forgetting brand rights and loyalty they need to pay back to Harrods in London. Operating cost to run a café in KLCC is never cheap if you ask us.

It is sad to see the brand is leaving Malaysia. The nearest Harrods will be in Bangkok and Singapore.

Harrods is a luxury department stall in London and we visited Harrods when we were holidaying in England a few years ago. We stayed in a hotel which is near Harrods in London so we went to check out the departmental store. We did some shopping for our boy back then as some of the clothes there are quite unique such as the Marvel Avengers costume.

We will update this story if there is official announcement by Harrods Malaysia.


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