January 29, 2023

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Genting Highlands Latest Parking Rates 2018

We still remember the good old days when my parents drove the whole family up to Genting Highlands for a day trip. Back then, there are no highways and everyone had to use the long and winding trunk road. If there is traffic, it could take hours to reach up to the peak. There were not that many hotels and restaurants and many families will usually picnicked while enjoying the cold temperature. Parking was always free until last year. Remember we blogged about no more free parking in Genting Highlands last year? Yeah, you have to pay for parking in Genting Highlands now and they start charging for parking since last October.

The Genting Highlands Latest Parking Rates for 2018 is as follows:

Starting 7th June 2018, the parking fee or parking rates is as follows:

Monday – Friday:           

1st hour:              RM1.00

Every subsequent hour or part there of  RM2.00 per hour

Maximum rate per day: RM11.00 per day

Weekends & Public Holidays

1st hour:              RM2.00

Every subsequent hour or part there of  RM3.00 per hour

Maximum rate per day: RM17.00 per day

*Free if exit within first 30 minutes

*Penalty for losing the card  RM 100

Valet service is available at Genting Grand and Maxims.
Honestly, RM 11 per day for weekday is not too bad and RM 17 per day for weekend is KL city pricing.

Since the 20th Century Fox World Theme Park will be opening soon, there will be lots of people driving up to Genting Highlands. Monetizing the car park looks like a good way to make additional income but it is a way to determine the ‘real visitors’ who will be staying over and visiting the new theme park. If you don’t want to drive all the way up, we recommend the Awana Skyway Cable Car. It is only RM 7 one way or RM 14 per trip.

Do check out their ‘Sky Symphony’ performance in Sky Avenue. It is a free extraordinary orchestra of audio, visual and animation programming and it happens every half an hour.

For more information on Genting Highland parking, visit https://www.rwgenting.com/getting-here/Car-Park/

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