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Hee Lai Ton Pudu Shaw Parade

hee lai ton pudu

This is the only reason we go to Shaw Parade in Pudu and it is to dine in Hee Lai Ton Restaurant. They have been around for decades and they have four outlets in Klang Valley. Hee Lai Ton Pudu is apopular for their dim sum and Cantonese food. It is also a popular wedding venue for Chinese weddings and also Chinese New Year celebrations.

The restaurant is located inside Shaw Parade (on the top floor). We usually parked inside as it is quite convenient and its covered. The parking is autopay and they have machine outside the restaurant.

We visited this restaurant for decades since we were in teens. The reason why have been patronizing this restaurant is the consistency of their food, reasonable pricing and weddings. You don’t get any fancy interiors and decorations and hence we didn’t post any pictures of it. The food here is straight forward, nothing artsy fartsy.

Let’s see what we had for dinner. We ordered two types of fried pork, the fried pork belly and fried pork ribs.

hee lai ton fried pork ribs

The fried pork ribs are deep fried to perfection. The skin is crispy and the texture of the meat is juicy. It complements well with the chili sauce.

hee lai ton fried pork

The fried pork belly comes with generous portion. Similar to the pork ribs, the pork belly is deep fried to perfection. The chili sauce gives the pork belly the spiciness and hints of acidic taste. The flavour of the fried pork ribs and fried pork belly is similar so you can consider ordering one of them but if you are a pork lover, just order both dishes.

The twin prawn dish is something the highlight of the evening. The prawns are cooked in two different ways, fried prawns with oat and stir fried prawn with special sauce.

hee lai ton twin prawns

The deep fried prawn is stir fried oats and every bite you can hear the crunch. This cripsy prawn with oat is very enjoyable and not forgetting that the prawns are very fresh.

hee lai ton pudu prawns

The stir fried prawn with special sauce is sweet, savoury and tasty. We loved this so much, we came back on another week. The huge portion of prawn dish cost less than RM 100 which is very reasonable.

hee lai ton stir fried vegetables

The last dish is the stir fried vegetables with lotus root, brocolli, carrot and cashew nut. This is very enjoyable as you get the flavours from different types of vegetables and the texture of the crunchy cashew nut.

They are often packed on weekends for dim sum during brunch time so go for dinner if you plan to dine there during weekends. We were there for lunch and it was packed. Hence, the service is slower than usual but the food quality remains good. The food in Hee Lai Ton Pudu is good and the prices are reasonable. If you want good food with good pricing, then you should visit this restaurant.


Hee Lai Ton Pudu Shaw Parade Address:

Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Phone: 03-2148 8666



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