January 29, 2023

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Kedai dan Makanan Kok Hing Bentong Famous Wantan Mee

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Kedai dan Makanan Kok Hing Bentong Famous Wantan Mee

Where to eat in Bentong? How about this famous wantan mee in Kedai dan Makanan Kok Hing? They have another branch in Kepong with the same name if not mistaken. So far only TheStarOnline wrote about this place and that was like many years ago.

We were here as recommended by locals and it is near RHB Bank Bentong. They are located at 117 Jln Pasdec 28700 Bentong.

It is a typical coffee shop style restaurant and we ordered the wantan mee and also the roasted chicken. We heard the roasted duck is very popular too.

The wantan mee comes with slices of char siew and a bowl of wantan. As usual, you can only find hints of minced meat in the wantan. The flavour of this noodle is good and the taste of the char siew is not bad either. This is a ‘classic’ wantan mee with the right taste.

The roast chicken is something special. The skin is crispy and the meat is juicy, this is a huge surprise as this is really good. We wanted to order another plate but we went to Lemang Toki for another session.

Bentong is less than one hour from Klang Valley and it is usually packed during weekends. If you are visiting Bentong for leisure, you should visit Kedai dan Makanan Kok Hing for their wantan mee and roast chicken.

Kedai dan Makanan Kok Hing Address:

117 Jln Pasdec, 28700 Bentong, Pahang Malaysia

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