February 6, 2023

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Marco Polo Wisma Lim Foo Yong 38th Anniversary Promotion Review

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Marco Polo Wisma Lim Foo Yong 38th Anniversary Promotion Review

If you are born in Kuala Lumpur and ask your parents about Marco Polo Restaurant, I am sure they are aware of it. The Marco Polo restaurant is founded by the late Dato’ Lim Foo Yong in 1980, 38 years ago. The restaurant is located at Ground Floor of Wisma Lim Foo Yong and it is one of the top and luxury Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur for decades.

The last time we dined there was more than 5-6 years ago and we revisited the restaurant thanks to their 38th anniversary celebration menu. To celebrate their anniversary, they offer the 38th anniversary menu with the price of 38 years ago.

The promotion started from 17th July and this is the last week of the promotion from 31st July to 4th August 2018. The food prices in this menu starts from RM 5 and most of the dishes are very affordable.

We went there for lunch with our parents and of course we did a reservation for our table and it was fully booked during this 38th Anniversary promotional period.

We ordered the Kung Po chicken, steamed prawns, Nam Yue Pork Ribs, char siew and roast duck. You can see the portions from the picture and the portion size is stated in the menu.

In terms of taste, we enjoyed the roast duck and Kung Po chicken. The Nam Yue pork ribs was decent while steamed prawns are ordinary. The char siew was not impressive, the meat is not tender and the portion is too small.

For dessert, we had deep fried crispy pan cake (wo peng) and red bean soup. The dessert comes with generous amount and the taste is pretty decent.

To be honest, most of the food seems to be pre-cooked as they anticipate full house every session. We dined in this restaurant before and we know the food taste better than this.

If the restaurant wants to do a promotion, they should really check on quality of the food. Don’t do a promotion for the sake of doing. You can draw the crowd but to make them to come back again, you need to impress with good food.

You still can book a table for this 38th  Anniversary Celebration Menu at +603 2141 2233 as the promotion ends on 4th August 2018.


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