March 24, 2023

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Tokyo Ikebukuro Book and Bed Capsule Hotel Review

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Tokyo Ikebukuro Book and Bed Capsule Hotel Review

My stay in Tokyo Ikebukuro Book and Bed Capsule Hotel was not planned and it was accidental. The whole plan for my solo trip to Tokyo is to create a budget itinerary for the trip last year. However, a string of bad luck happened on that trip and thus I didn’t manage to get the stories that I planned. It all started with the flight delay to Tokyo and this is the reason why you should Read This If you plan to fly from Malaysia to Haneda with ANA or AirAsiaX. The room I booked in Tokyo was further than I expected and with the flight delay, I was stranded in Ikebukuro without accommodation. This is not my first solo trip so once I knew the flight delayed, I started checking out accommodation available at Ikebukuro if I didn’t manage to catch the connecting train. This is why I always emphasize that Google Map is important in Japan and you should get a pocket WIFI from Malaysia.

I found many hotels available that night thru Agoda and I decided to stay in a capsule hotel. Since I will be staying in for a few hours, why not try Book and Bed Capsule Hotel which is near Ikebukuro JR Station.

It is a shop lot in one of the buildings near Ikebukuro station. The front desk was dark as I reached there over midnight. Walk in rates is very expensive than booking it in advance via

There are two ‘capsule’ rooms available, compact and the usual room. I chose the usual capsule room.

Their concept is unique as at a glance, you think it is a bookshop. The beds are actually in between the book shelves so I thought this is a pretty cool concept.

Book and Bed Capsule Hotel actually charge you for towel and toiletries. Thus, I just head to sleep in the capsule room and shower in the Airbnb place later in the morning.

This is my first time staying in a capsule hotel so the experience is memorable. Getting in the room is easy and there is still space to turn around.

There is no air-cond in the room and only a small light and fan. The ventilation is still manageable but I think many people might not enjoy the tight area.

I had a good sleep till morning. There are still many guests sleeping when I woke up at 9 am, maybe everyone had a long day before.

I left Bed and Book Capsule Hotel and went to my Airbnb Room and it was horrible. I had a quick shower, search for another Airbnb Apartment and move on. I spent additional RM 1,000 for Bed and Book Capsule Hotel and a few nights in Shibuya apartment. Thus, I wasted sometime in checking in the new apartment and ruined my initial plan to do Tokyo budget stories.

At the end of the day, travel is all about experiences. I didn’t manage to do my planned stories but I learned new lessons traveling in Tokyo Japan. I will be traveling to Tokyo next year with Rachel to explore more the city and Mount Fuji. We have been traveling to Japan every year for the past few years and we still enjoying it. If you never stay in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, you can consider staying at Book and Bed Capsule Hotel and you can book earlier for cheaper rates with Agoda at


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