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How to cross the road in Hanoi Vietnam?

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How to cross the road in Hanoi Vietnam?

When we were young, we were taught by our parents and teachers to cross the road. You simply have to look left and right for traffic before you can cross the road safely. It is easy right? However, it is not in Vietnam.

how to cross the road

For some unknown reasons, there are no traffic rules at all in Vietnam. We visited Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and Hanoi and we can say traffic in Saigon is better than Hanoi.

Cars and motorcycles do not stop at all in Vietnam especially Hanoi. At least the traffic in Ho Chi Minh is better and not that busy.

We took the video during our trip to Hanoi and if you watched the video, we actually stood there for good old 20 minutes until we decided to take our brave steps crossing the road.

We saw how the locals cross the road without even looking at the traffic and you need to follow their brave steps.

Take a step ahead and cross the road without giving any eye contact or look at the traffic. The cars and motorcycles will stop once you cross the road.

It is easier to say but at most times, you will chicken out even on the first step. Take one baby step and keep on walking ahead until you cross the road. Don’t hesitate or don’t stop in the middle of the road as you might really get knocked down.

It is one of the most exciting experience you can enjoy without paying any money. Travel to Hanoi during the end of the year for the cooling weather. We don’t mind going back to Hanoi again. Good food, nice people and value for money.

We are looking forward to visit other parts of Vietnam, we hear so many good reviews from our friends. Maybe it is time for holiday in Vietnam?

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