April 12, 2024


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The end of Durian Season for mid-2018

end season durian

Last month, we blogged about the peak of durian season of 2018. Musang King durian was selling at RM 19/kg in selected durian stalls in Klang Valley. We heard there are some durian stalls are selling as cheap as RM 18/kg. Last year, Musang King durian was priced at RM 80/kg and above. The significant drop in price is due to over-stock. This year’s durian harvest was considered one of the best in recent years. There were too many durians at once and you need to clear stock within a couple of days.

For this decade, there are many new durian farms throughout Malaysia. Most of these durian farms are planting popular durian types such as Musang King, Red Prawn, XO and more. The reason is simple, popular durian types can fetch higher price and the returns are good. Thus, the mad rush of new durian farms and also the new method of planting the durian trees means they can grow durians within 5-6 years instead of over 10 years using the traditional method. Of course, the harvest depends on the weather and the fruits available at the end of the day.

My friends in Sinnaco Durian Specialist sold an average of 7 tonnes of Musang King durians per day during their Musang King durian promotion at RM 19/kg last month due to excessive stocks. Even the Musang King durians in Singapore was selling at record low prices last month.

Moving forward to this week in August, Musang King durian is priced at RM 48/kg to RM 65/kg. It is the end of the durian season soon. The price of Musang King durian is doubled now and it will keep on increasing until the end of the durian season.

Eat your durians now or wait for the durian season most likely at the end of the year.

We realised that many people like to complain about durian prices especially on Musang King durians. Many people complaints that Musang King durians were too expensive last year when it was priced at RM 80++/kg and there are also people complaint that fake Musang King durians are sold when it is priced at RM 19/kg. It is really hard to please everyone, expensive complain, cheap also complain. If the durian stalls are selling fake Musang King durians at cheap price, do you think the durian seller dare to let customers eat on the spot? Come on, please think carefully before making those statements.

musang king six lines

Another thing we noticed is the fake news circulating in Whatsapp and Facebook on China rejecting Musang King durians from Malaysia. Until today, Malaysia cannot export ‘fresh durians’ to China so there is no such thing on Musang King durians rejected.

So will you eat Musang King durian at RM 48/kg++ now or wait for the new durian season at the end of the year?


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