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Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal Review

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Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal Review

There are two ‘beer gardens’ in Sapporo Hokkaido, the Sapporo Beer Garden and the Kirin Beer Garden. We visited both beer gardens and the Sapporo Beer Garden is bigger as it comes with the museum and you can join the free tour or premium tour. For Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo, it is similar to a restaurant. In terms of convenience, Kirin Beer Garden is just next to the train station while for Sapporo Beer Garden, you have to walk for at least 15 – 20 min. Now, let’s talk about Kirin Beer Garden in Sapporo.

kirin beer hokkaido

There is one particular dish which is very popular in Sapporo Hokkaido called Genghis Khan. It is grilled lamb dish (Mongolian barbeque) and this is a local Hokkaido dish. We know it is strange but its true. You can find many restaurants in Hokkaido actually sells Genghis Khan grilled lamb dish. The locals will enjoy the Mongolian barbeque with beer and most of the lamb are imported from Australia or New Zealand. There is also local lamb but it will be at premium price at selected restaurant.

When it comes to popular restaurants and dining places in Japan, it is ideal to reserve your tables first. Most popular restaurants are packed so if you walk in, you will be turned away as it is usually fully booked for the entire day. It happened to us in a few restaurants in Japan. The problem in reservation is the language barrier. Most restaurants need to call in for booking and most of them don’t speak Japanese so this is where comes handy. We booked our table with on the specific date and we just need to show up and dine.

Kirin Beer Garden offers Genghis Khan set meal while Sapporo Beer Garden offers Genghis Khan buffet set. We prefer dining at Kirin Beer Garden as we are not a huge fan of buffet. You can book the Kirin Beer Garden Genghis Khan set meal here and Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan buffet set meal here.

Kirin Beer Garden is a small complex Nakajima Koen Station (Namboku Subway Line), Exit 1. It is less than 5 minutes of walking and the Nakajima Koen or Nakajima Park is just around the corner.

kirin beer garden sapporo
Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo

It is not a huge place and you just need to inform the front counter that your name and they will show you the table.

kirin beer garden sapporo hokkaido
Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo

The Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal is per person so we ordered two set meals. It comes with 150g of Genghis Khan lamb, 150g of grilled King Crab legs, vegetables, Hokkaido local potatoes with butter and 3 pieces of sushi per set. Drinks are not inclusive.

kirin beer garden beer menu
Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo beer menu

We ordered the ‘frozen beers’, Ichiban Shibori Frozen and Ichiban Shibori Black. The bubble of the beer is frozen at -5 degree Celsius and maintains coldness for 30 minutes. The black beer is slightly bitter in taste but we enjoyed it.

kirin sapporo frozen beer

The dining hall is dark and surprisingly most of the customers here is locals. There are more tourists in Sapporo Beer Garden.

The service here is pretty good and some of them can speak simple English. The portion of the Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal is big.

kirin beer garden genghis khan set
Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal

Start the set meal with the sushi first. This is more like the appetizer for us. The three pieces of sushi comes with two salmon sushi (one sashimi style and one grilled) and one sushi with fish roe.

kirin beer garden sapporo sushi
The three pieces of sushi

We need to cook / barbeque the lamb ourselves and firstly we need to melt the pork lard. We were told that we should cook the vegetables first and cook the lamb on top of it. To be honest, we prefer to cook the lamb with pork lard first and the vegetables later.

kirin beer garden sapporo lamb set
The lamb with the vegetables

Our cooking preferences, some prefer medium rare or some prefer well done. Since you will be cooking it, you can cook up to your preferences.

kirin beer garden sapporo grilled lamb
Barbeque lamb

The lamb is tender and juicy and it complements well with the beer. Check their beer menu for various types of beer and other liquor available.

kirin beer garden sapporo lamb

The grilled king crabs are good. We loved the lamb but we loved the king crabs more. The meat is tender and this makes the Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal so worth it. This is how you complete your travel experience in Hokkaido by having King Crab dish. This is fingers licking good!

kirin sapporo king crab

Overall, we enjoyed the Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal. In our opinion, the Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal is reasonably priced by and you can book it at . Since this is in the city and next to the train station, we highly recommend you to taste the Kirin Beer Garden Sapporo Genghis Khan Set Meal by

kirin beer garden sapporo king crab

The Kirin Beer Barden Sapporo opens daily from 11.30 am to 10pm.

Kirin Beer Barden Sapporo Address:

1-1-60 Minami 10(ju)-Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

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