November 29, 2023


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Second Earthquake Hits Lombok Island in Indonesia

2nd earthquake lombok

Just less than one hour ago, a magnitude 7 earthquake hit the region of Lombok island in Indonesia. This is the second earthquake in Lombok in a week after a Malaysian passed away during the first earthquake 6 days ago.

The Jakarta post reported that the earthquake happened near the Lombok island. The earthquake prompting tsunami alert in Lombok Island.

The report also stated that the tremors can be felt in Bali.

Update 6/8/2018: Death tolls are over 80 people due to this earthquake. 

lombok gili sea
Gili Trawangan

We visited Lombok two years ago and we fell in love with Gili Trawangan. Thus, we are going to visit Lombok in October this year as we have bought our flight tickets but with these two recent earthquakes we are considering our travel plans.

lombok gili trawangan
Gili Trawangan

We hope everyone is safe in Lombok during this earthquake.


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