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Bintang Palace 天上人間 is officially closed down

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Bintang Palace 天上人間 is officially closed down

We walked pass Bintang Palace 天上人間 today and we were shocked to find that the building is closed down. We took a few photos as we were rushing for a meeting nearby.

bintang palace closed down

At first, we thought there was a fire as parts of the buildings were collapsed with a few cranes spotted at the site. We spoke to a few friends and checked online and found out that the popular night club Bintang Palace 天上人間 is official close down.

Bintang Palace 天上人間 is located at the prime area of Jalan Gading and behind popular shopping malls like Fahrenheit 88 and Starhill Gallery. 天上人間 means ‘Heaven and Earth’.

The night club was opened in 1995 and it is considered the most expensive night club in the country. We were informed that you need to spend at least RM 10,000 and above in the night club. We never enter the club before but the interior designs were luxurious as we were told.

We were told that Bintang Palace 天上人間 has stop operating for a few months in order to make way for a new development. There are also reports that Bintang Palace 天上人間will not be relocated or reopened.

The new development will be a new 62 storey high class condominium to be built on the current location. According to reports, this new high class condominium will have 529 units. At this prime area, these high class condominiums will not come cheap.

Bintang Palace 天上人間 is officially closed down

Bintang Palace 天上人間 will goes down to memory lane as one of the most luxurious night clubs in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Now, there is no more ‘Heaven and Earth’ in KL.

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