March 24, 2023

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Sea Of Clouds – Iyerweng Betong Yala Thailand

Two years ago, we saw a few postings of sea of clouds near Betong Thailand. Since then it is part of our plan to visit the sea of clouds near Betong Thailand. The name of the place is called Iyerweng or I-yerweng and it is around an hour drive from Betong Town. You just need to wake up as early as 4am to drive up the mountain for the best view. We have included the Google Map at the end of this post as well as the GPS Coordinate.

We called it the sea of clouds and some people called it the sea of mists, Iyerweng has become a popular tourist attraction in this part of Thailand for the past year. We went up to Iyerweng late, we reached the top of the mountain around 7 am. Cars and vans filled the street leading up the peak and there are people monitoring and guiding the traffic. We spotted many Malaysian cars parked along the street together the local cars.

We took a short hike up and when we reached the top, it was pretty crowded. The local authorities built a few lookout points but only one is near completion.

We brought our DJI Spark to take some photos and videos of the sea clouds. You can watch the video we compiled.
Since we took an hour to reach Iyerweng, we decided to stay longer here to take more photographs and videos. We spent around an hour here. Remember to bring water as there are no shops here on top of the mountain.

Is this worth to visit? Our answer yes. At least once in our lifetime to witness the sea of clouds or sea of mists with our own eyes. The beauty of Iyerweng is it is very near to Malaysia.

If you Google Map the location from Kuala Lumpur, it is actually less than six hours drive (excluding immigration stops). You need to drive North from Kuala Lumpur and enter border via Pengkalan Hulu. We hope this story will inspired you to visit Iyerweng Sea Of Clouds in Thailand.

Do you know that there will be a Betong Airport coming soon in Betong?

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Iyerweng Sea of Clouds GPS Coordinate and Map:
GPS Coordinate:5.978055, 101.181640

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