January 28, 2023

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Rumah Hantu Pontianak Haunted House in Universal Studios Singapore Review

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Rumah Hantu Pontianak Haunted House in Universal Studios Singapore Review

You probably read our story of 12 Things To Do at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018. It was our first time visiting Universal Studios Singapore for Halloween Horror Nights so we don’t have any expectation at all. It was a media invite so we had the media preview, a few days before it is open for public.

There was also a press conference before the media preview. You can watch snippets of the media conference on the video below.

During the question and answer session (which we didn’t record), there was a question by a media asking if there are any incidents happened in any of the haunted houses (such as sightings or ‘accidents’).

There were no accidents but there were incidents as confirmed by Universal Studios Singapore. The incident happened when the ‘pontianak’ crews taking a break from their rehearsal at the walkway and some of the other staffs thought they saw ghosts and fell down. The ‘pontianak’ crew stood up and the other staffs were running like no tomorrow.

We all know that the talk of the town for Halloween Horror Nights 8 is the Stranger Things Haunted House but the main superstar is actually the Rumah Hantu Pontianak Haunted House.

The local horror story now has its own haunted house or rumah hantu in Universal Studios Singapore.

If you watched the video we took, our guide didn’t want to enter this particular haunted house as it is too much for her.

You have to tread carefully in the Malay village and follows the trail from how she was created to the banana trees where she resides, and the laundry area where she sniffs out the next victim.

There is something you should know. We were allowed to film with lights due to media preview. During normal days, you are not allowed to film or use any lights at all. It will be total darkness will some dim lights or strobe of lights.

Why is our video shaky? We tried not to use the video lights as much as possible to experience the thrill and there was a part that one of the medias actually fell down in this haunted house. He wasn’t hurt but you can hear him screaming in the video.

The scary part is the sounds and also the darkness where you are unsure what is going to happen next. The ‘pontianak’ cannot touch you (and vice versa) but they will appear out of nowhere. You can hear people crying and there are a few ‘moments’ that is really scary (it is in the video).

We don’t want to spill too much as we want you to enjoy the horror and thrill of Pontianak Haunted House.

Please take note that guests are not allowed to dressed up for Halloween Horror Nights. No costumes, full face make up or masks allowed. Don’t make up as a Pontianak as you will be denied entry.

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Scheduled Dates:


27 Sep 2018

11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28, and 31 Oct 2018


28-29 Sep 2018

5-6, 12-13, 19-20, and 26-27 Oct 2018

Opening Hours:

Off-Peak: 7:30pm-12:30am

Peak: 7:30pm-1:30am

Get the cheapest tickets via Klook.com at https://www.klook.com/activity/5877-universal-studios-singapore-halloween-admission-tickets-singapore/?aid=602. (Zombie Laser Tag Experience is not included). This is for Halloween Horror Nights experience and it doesn’t include the usual day pass.

Go with your partner or go with a gang of friends and you will enjoy the haunted house! We hope you enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 like we do!

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