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BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion for Dry Skin Children

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BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion for Dry Skin Children

balneum intensiv

Dry skin is a common issue and problem for many people in Malaysia. We live in a tropical country with lots of sun and there are many out there are not drinking enough water. Most elderly people in Malaysia has dry skin. Interestingly, our youngest boy also has dry skin. We were recommended to use BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion by the pharmacist and we don’t mind to give it a try.

Our boy’s skin condition is not bad but we hope to improve it. Thus, we use BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion for the past couple of weeks and we find slight improvement.

From what we understand is BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion is an oil-in-water emulsion with a high lipid content, for the dermatological care of dry and very dry skin. The lotion is an emollient with intensive moisturizing characteristics. The lotion contains substances which occur naturally in healthy skin and help dry kin to retain moisture: urea (5%), ceramides and physiological lipids.

These substances in BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion regulate the oil and moisture balance in the skin and naturally regenerate the skin’s own barrier function. BALNEUM INTENSIV lotion contains only ingredients selected using dermatological standards, and is therefore well tolerated by the skin. It is especially suited for people with sensitive skin.

balneum intensiv lotion

The product is made in Germany and it also offers BALNEUM INTENSIV wash and BALNEUM INTENSIV cream. They only offer one size due to quality control.

Why do we choose the lotion than the cream?

Lotion is more watery, easier to apply on whole body whereas cream is more suitable to apply on small area, like hands, elbows and even face. After a couple of weeks, we see improvement but it is a long term solution as we don’t expect the lotion as a miracle product.

balneum intensiv lotion children

For the BALNEUM INTENSIV wash, it can be used as a shampoo for body and face too. BALNEUM INTENSIV products are for dry and very dry skin which is recommended by doctors and dermatologists. They are available at AA Pharmacy, BIG Pharmacy and other Leading Independent Pharmacies.

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