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12 Things To Do at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018

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12 Things To Do at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018

This evening will be the first day of Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 8. You probably want to know more on the things to do for Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 8. We listed 12 things to do at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 and we hope you will going to enjoy and have fun for this year. Book and get the cheapest Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 here.

uss halloween horror nights 2018

There are five Haunted Houses, two scare zones, one zombie laser tag and three Halloween themed shows for Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 8.

The Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 starts 7.30pm onwards to 12.30 am (off peak) and 1.30 am (peak). It can be warm at night so prepare lots of water and dehydrate yourself. You can also bring a small towel too.

Let’s start with the 12 Things To Do at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018

1.Visit Netflix’s Stranger Things Haunted House

The talk of this year is the collaboration of Netflix with Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights for the Stranger Things Haunted House. Three Universal Studios parks are in collaboration for Stranger Things Haunted House and they are Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Los Angeles. This is the only Universal Studios in Asia that offers Stranger Things Haunted House so this is why you must come and visit.

There are more than 10 zones in this haunted house created based on the Netflix TV series. The Stranger Haunted House in Universal Studios Singapore is different than other Universal Studios as each theme park work and create the haunted house differently.

If you are a huge fan of Stranger Things, you will immediately notice the ‘scenes’ in the haunted house. This is based Stranger Things Season One and the details is almost accurate. The rooms with the furniture and even to the wallpaper is as similar as the set of Stranger Things thus the Universal Studios Singapore theme park is doing at their best to offer the guests the best experiences.

universal studio singapore stranger things

Guests will be transported into twelve artfully recreated scenes and storylines, from the menacing Hawkins National Laboratory, to the Byers home adorned with an erratic display of flashing Christmas lights and the eerie Upside Down woods.

2.The ‘Rumah Hantu Pontianak’ or Pontianak Haunted House

Pontianak is the legendary Malay vampire and it is part of the Halloween Horror Nights for years but this year Universal Studios Singapore created her very own haunted house or ‘Rumah Hantu’.

Over at the Pontianak house, thrill-seekers will need to tread carefully in a Malay village as they survive the various hair-raising scenes and stories of the Pontianak unfolding before their eyes, from how she was created, to the banana trees where she resides, and the laundry area where she sniffs out the next victim.

Among the five haunted houses, this is the scariest. We are not going to lie and beat the bush as this is related to us (in general). In this part of Southeast Asia, we often hear stories, myths and legends of Pontianak and experiencing the haunted house will gives you the goose bumps.

If you watched the video we took even the guide doesn’t want to enter this haunted house. What we can say about this haunted house is prepare for the unexpected especially at the banana tree plantation zone.

3.The Haunting of Oiwa Haunted House

This is a Japanese classic horror story. Step back in time to the chilling Edo-era of Japan in The Haunting of Oiwa and come face-to-face with Lady Oiwa who returns from the dead seeking revenge after being poisoned by her unfaithful husband.

We love the Japanese Edo era scenes in this haunted house and there are a few scary moments in this haunted house.

4.Pagoda of Peril Haunted House

This is another haunted house that is familiar for us as this is a Chinese themed haunted house. Guests can make their way through the Chinese-themed Pagoda of Peril, trapped with malevolent demons and terrifying spirits roaming viciously around the prison.

These demonic creatures will fight in fury as they seek to find freedom. Come face to face with the vicious counter of Yang, Yin Ling, as he yearns for eternal life and power.

There are quite a number of scenes in this haunted house is familiar to us. You probably watched it on TV or movies.

Some of our media friends said that this is the most terrifying haunted house this year. This is what they said and you have to discover it on your own.

5.Killuminati Haunted House

Among the five haunted houses, this is the most interesting haunted house this year. Guests can enter the world of Killuminati – the Chinese secret society of vampires that has existed for centuries – where mystery, controversy and nightmares await.

Watch out for never-before-seen stunts and expect lots of twists in this highly interactive house where even the bravest souls may end up in different secret rooms!

From what we were told there are up to four different routes in this haunted house. This is the only haunted house that you can revisit with different experiences! Our group were separated in this haunted house and we experienced different scenes and zones.

After you exit this haunted house, re-enter again for a different experience. You will stumbled upon a dancing stage and try dance with the vampires and unlock a new secret room.

6.Zombie Laser Tag

Back by popular demand since its debut last year, the Zombie Laser Tag returns with an arena double the size. Armour up for an action-packed laser tag battle against an army of zombies thirsty for blood. Participants can expect more zombies, face greater obstacles and rev up for more shooting action, all in the company of a drill sergeant who will lead the way to ensure everyone gets out alive in the dark jungles.

There is a little twist in this laser tag. You need to find clues to get your way out of this zone. The soldier will lead you to find the clue and exit this zone.

Another small note, the zombie can ‘kill’ you in this game so please stay ‘alive’.

Please take note that Zombie Laser Tag experience is not included on regular Halloween Horror Stories tickets.

7.DEAD Talk Show

Guests can take a break from the screams and join the charismatic Gideon Grim, the Motivational Death Coach, as he captivates guests with tips on highly effective scaring in DEAD Talks! DEAD Talks is an all-new, witty, seminar-style show with cutting-edge illusions, electrifying dancing and acrobatics at the Pantages Hollywood Theater.

universal studios singapore deadtalks

This the most entertaining shows ever in Universal Studios Singapore. The DEAD talk is scary but yet very funny. Prepare to laugh and entertained by the Gideon Grim and also taking a rest at this air-conditioned show.

8.Scaremony Show

When darkness falls at Eight Lake Psychiatric Hospital, fear rises. In this show held at the Hollywood Lagoon Stage, guests will make way through the unsettling, creepy halls of the hospital filled with screaming apparitions of unwilling patients.

9.Blood & Bones Show

Each month, at half moon, the Chief of the tribe sacrifices their capture at the ancestral altar. The human sacrifice is possessed by the spirit of the ancestors, which gives the tribesmen extra strength when they devour him. Guests will have to brace themselves for this gruesome ritual of Blood & Bones that will turn their stomachs at the Cannibal zone.

You can go really up close and personal for this gruesome show. This show is related to the Cannibal Scare Zone.

10.Cannibal Scare Zone

There are two scare zones this year at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 8 and the cannibal scare zone is one of them.

universal studios singapore cannibal scare zone

You can witness the ancient tribe of man-hunters in Cannibal, where the bodies of rivals killed in revenge are being devoured.

The scare zones are dark and there are random man-hunters appear from nowhere to scare you. We love the props and the scenes created in the scare zones.

Please take note that some man-hunter will follow you around in this zone.


11.Apocalypse: Earth Scare Zone.

In our opinion, the Apocalypse Earth Scare Zone is scarier than Cannibal Scare Zone. Guests will get thrown into chaos in Apocalypse: Earth as Mother Earth unleashes her most terrifying forces and takes over New York.

universal studio singapore Apocalypse Earth

You find monsters or aliens finding and torturing ‘humans’ in this zone and some might follow you here too!

If you are lucky, you might find the ‘Gaia’ the Mother Earth lurking around.

universal studio singapore Apocalypse Earth Scare Zone

12.Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Limited Edition Merchandise

universal studio singapore minions halloween

At the end of the day, you want something from Universal Studios Singapore. How about Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Limited Edition Merchandise?

universal studio singapore halloween monster

We found Minions Halloween edition and it is too cute not to buy for Minions fans.

Same goes to Hello Kitty Mummy edition for this Halloween Horror Nights season.

Please take note that guests are not allowed to dressed up for Halloween Horror Nights, No costumes, full face make up or masks allowed. Don’t make up as a Pontianak as you will be denied entry. This is not suitable for guest age up 12 years old.

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Scheduled Dates:


27 Sep 2018

11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28, and 31 Oct 2018


28-29 Sep 2018

5-6, 12-13, 19-20, and 26-27 Oct 2018

Opening Hours:

Off-Peak: 7:30pm-12:30am

Peak: 7:30pm-1:30am

Get the cheapest tickets via Klook.com at https://www.klook.com/activity/5877-universal-studios-singapore-halloween-admission-tickets-singapore/ (Zombie Laser Tag Experience is not included). This is for Halloween Horror Nights experience and it doesn’t include the usual day pass.

universal studios singapore places and foods

We hope you enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2018 like we do!

(We are still working on the remaining videos, please come back again next week for more videos!)

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