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EkoCheras Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur Review

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EkoCheras Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur Review

eko cheras mall

We read that EkoCheras Mall or Eko Cheras Shopping Mall is open for public a couple of days ago. Thus, we went to check out this gigantic new mall in Cheras yesterday. The EkoCheras Mall is expected to open earlier this year is a massive shopping mall along Jalan Cheras and opposite of the popular Cheras Leisure Mall Shopping Centre.

For those who are living in this part of Cheras will understand the traffic jam in this area due to the construction of this mall. Finally, this shopping mall is completed and hopefully the traffic will be better soon.

ekocheras mall

The shopping mall is connected to the Taman Mutiara MRT Station and also connected to Cheras Leisure Mall.

ekocheras mall mrt link

The shopping mall offers 625,000 square feet over four storeys with 4,300 parking bays and about 250 retail outlets. In layman terms, it is a huge shopping mall.

eko cheras mall center court

According to the report from, the property developer Ekovest Bhd has secured key tenants such as Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Village Grocer, Borders Books, Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

eko cheras mall starbucks

It will be interesting for GSC cinemas to open at EkoCheras Mall as they already have 4 cinema halls in Cheras Leisure Mall which is less than few hundred metres away. Is it viable to have cinemas in two different shopping malls with such close proximity?

eko cheras mall decoration

We took a stroll in the shopping mall and there are only a handful of retail shops are opened at the moment.

ekocheras mall tenant

The design of the EkoCheras Mall is spacious and it nice to walk around as they offer high ceiling, wide walkways and interior is lighting is bright.

The Village Grocer is still not open but there are a few restaurants open for business at Lower Ground Floor such as I Love Yoo!, Azuma Sushi, Siong Tong Gai and a few more.

There are some local retail shops open for business and while the popular brands are renovating and they could be opening very soon.

ekocheras mall coffee bean

There are decorations at the main centre court and some shops opened here and there. The supermarket and food court are not ready. Thus, there are no signs of the cinema opening soon and we couldn’t find any information from GSC website.

The main entrance of the mall is actually not on the main road but facing the housing area to avoid traffic congestion on the main road.

eko cheras mall tenants

We can’t say much as most shops are still not opened. The good news is Starbucks and Coffee Bean is opened so there are two popular cafes you can chill at the moment.

eko cheras mall siong tong gai

It will take weeks for the retail outlets to fill the shopping mall. Maybe we will revisit this shopping mall again in a month or two for a clearer view of the shopping mall.

ekocheras mall empty

There are many curious shoppers from the neighbourhood checking out the mall like we do. For your information, there are other malls such as AEON Taman Maluri, Sunway Velocity Mall, Cheras Sentral Mall and Cheras Leisure Mall in Cheras.

eko cheras mall places and food

Cheras is always a challenging area for new shopping mall. For the past few decades, only two shopping malls are doing well which is AEON Taman Maluri and Cheras Leisure Mall. Thus, the Cheras Sentral Mall is just one MRT station away and they are struggling with the retail occupancy despite having the hotel within the mall. With Cheras Leisure Mall just a few hundred metres away, it feels like having two tigers in the same mountain.








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