May 31, 2023

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COCA Restaurant opens in Bangsar Shopping Centre Malaysia

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COCA Restaurant opens in Bangsar Shopping Centre Malaysia

COCA Restaurant is a contemporary Thai, Chinese and hotpot (suki) concept. The group’s heritage dates back to 1957, when Khun Srichai and his wife Patama opened the first COCA restaurant in Surawong, launching the ‘suki’ trend in Thailand. COCA Restaurants were in Malaysia and after seven years absence, they make a comeback and opens their new restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

We were customers of COCA Restaurants. Our parents will bring us to COCA Restaurant in KL Plaza for celebrations in the 1990s. They are popular with their Thai style hotpot cuisine, the signature fish paste and their Suki chili sauce. When we received the invite for the opening launch, we were happy to see one of our favourite hotpot restaurants opening back in Kuala Lumpur.

COCA Restaurant is located on the 3rd Floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. Jannio Shun and Elizabeth Thea Lee are the new owners of the COCA franchise in Malaysia. Both passionate foodies, they found their new calling in life to get into the food business and having eaten in COCA and even once having dated at a COCA restaurant growing up, it was a dream come true to actually run the franchise in Malaysia. We had a little chat with the new owners and they have plans to open a few more COCA restaurants in Klang Valley in the future.

We also met up with the brand owner and celebrity Chef Pitaya Phanphensophon, the son of COCA founder Khun Srichai Phanphensophon and his daughter COCA Restaurant COO Natalie Phanphensophon.

The restaurant group now spans three generations and it is clear to see that while COCA has evolved over the years with vibrant interiors and changeable plate presentations, the brand has true to its’ roots of offering the freshest ingredients and good value for money as their core principals.

Since its origins, COCA brand expanded outside of Thailand and has continued to grow over the years to its current count of more than 30 outlets across the region. It has now has set its sights firmly on Kuala Lumpur where it plans to open four restaurants in the next three years, beginning with the new premises in Bangsar Shopping Centre. This is the first one and there will be a few more coming, this will be exciting.

The new COCA Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre will serve an enticing à la carte menu of Thai-Cantonese cuisine, along with their COCA’s signature hot pot, famous suki sauce and a new Southern Thai soup base exclusively designed for Malaysian diners. The restaurant features two private rooms inspired by a solarium concept and semi private dining areas for families and large groups. Large panel windows make the most of the views and natural light with 180 degree vistas of the city.

The restaurant prepared a special menu specially designed and cooked by Chef Pitaya Phanphensophon for this media session. It was a healthy menu but it never compromised the taste. Chef Pitaya was telling everyone that healthy food can be tasty too.


Yum Quinoa with Prawn & Scallop (Yum Talay Quinoa)

This is Fresh Tiger Prawns, USA Digby Scallops, Fresh Lime and Chili, Quinoa. This dish is very refreshing and beautiful textures from the scallops and prawns. The chili offers a little spiciness with the acidic after taste from the lime.

Deconstructed Australian Wagyu 180 Days OX Tongue Wonton (Lin Wua Tua Lima)

24 Hours Slow Cooked, High Protein Butter Beans and Shu Hao Reduction. We love the texture of the ox tongue and it goes well with the butter beans and the wonton skin.


Thai Herb Infused Organic Hill Station Chicken with Organic Black Jasmine Rice (Gai Baan Khao Mun Gai)

Organic Chicken Rice with Thai Herbal Soup and Housemade Dipping Sauce. We never knew that organic black jasmine rice can complement so well with the chicken. Organic Hill Station chicken or we called it the ‘organic kampung chicken’ definitely taste better than the usual farm chicken. You get more taste and better texture from the meat. The Thai herbal soup is MSG free but it is unbelievably flavourful and the housemade dipping sauce is a beauty.

Signature COCA Tom Yum Hotpot with Signature Suki Sauce

Tom Yum, Fresh organic vegetables, COCA Signature Dumplings and Australian Beef. The taste of the Tom Yum soup is not overwhelming and it is MSG free.

We love the freshness of their ingredients especially the COCA Signature Dumpling and the meat. We didn’t manage to taste the Signature fish paste and their Signature Suki Sauce is still as good as it is.

COCA’s famous fresh patanko with sweet condensed milk

If you wonder what is patanko, it is basically Chinese ‘you tiao’. What surprised us is the fluffy texture of their fresh patanko and it is good on its own!

If you are missing COCA Restaurant like we do, do visit them in Bangsar Shopping Centre. They are located on the 3rd floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. For reservations please call: +603 2011 3575



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