April 1, 2023

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It is over RM 20 for Dinner Plate in KFC now

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It is over RM 20 for Dinner Plate in KFC now

KFC is more expensive than ever now. A Dinner Plate which consists of three pieces of chicken, one coleslaw, one whipped potato and a soft drink is priced at RM 20.90. It was around RM 16.95 – RM 17.50 per dinner plate not long ago and this is the first time the dinner plate is priced over RM 20.

Ever wonder how much a Dinner Plate in KFC 30 years ago? Well it was only RM 4.95 and you can check out the menu at This Old KFC Menu from 1980s Will Surprise You.

In 2016, the Dinner Plate is priced at RM 14.90 and it is now RM 20.90 in 2018. That is quite an increment within two years.

There could be a few factors due to the increment of the pricing. Our Malaysian Ringgit fares lower to US dollar now which is around RM 4.180 to 1 US Dollar. The increment of food product could be a factor but without GST and the new SST, it should be cheaper right?

Will you pay RM 20.90 for three pieces of chicken with coleslaw and mashed potatoes with a drink? That is up to you to decide or will you look for an alternative option or cheaper option?

For more info, visit https://kfc.com.my/delivery/menu/for-one/chicken

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