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How to claim baggage damage in Malaysia Airport KLIA2?

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This is our first time making a baggage damage claim in Malaysia Airport KLIA2 and it happened yesterday morning and we are going to share our experience. We had baggage damages in the past but we never noticed until we reached home so always check your baggage before you leave the airport.

Our story was like this. We arrived at KLIA 2 around 4.20 am as we landed early (thanks to AirAsiaX). We claimed our baggage and went to return our Portable WIFI (by Klook) and then we ordered Grab. Then, we realized that our baggage is not moving smoothly and we checked and there was a damage. We cancelled our Grab ride and speak the police officer at the Arrival Hall and they asked us to claim at the AirAsia Baggage Enquiries (International) near Baggage Carousel 10.

We re-enter the Baggage Area went to AirAsia Baggage Enquiries (International). The officer was a nice guy and we had a good chat with him.

klia2 airasia baggage enquiries

You need to show him the boarding pass and passport. You also need to show him the baggage damage and how much is your baggage worth. We are using American Tourister and the retail value is around RM 600++.

When your baggage is damage, it doesn’t mean you will be compensated. This is why travel insurance is important. If you purchased Tune Protect (travel insurance), they will submit the claim directly. Since we purchased other travel insurance, they will give us the report form to submit to our travel insurance company. The baggage insurance coverage is differs depending on your travel insurance policy. For our travel insurance, we can only claim up to RM 300 for our baggage damage and we will submit our claim in the next few days. Remember to collect the report form from them and do take their email address and phone number for future assistance (if necessary).

If you do not have a travel insurance, you can still make a report and the airlines will submit an investigation. Any reimbursement on your baggage damage will be up to the outcome of the investigation.

For our baggage damage, it could happen in Kansai International Airport or in KLIA2.

We are not selling travel insurance but it helps in situation like this. Our annual travel insurance cost is less than RM 300 and we are getting claims more than we are paying.

We hope our misfortunate experience will help others in How to claim baggage damage in Malaysia Airport KLIA2.

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