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This is US$450 per night Marina Bay Sands Room

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marina bay sands room

marina bay sands deluxe king garden balcony view
Check out the view of The Gardens By The Bay.

We stayed in Marina Bay Sands Singapore twice. The first time is during their opening 9 years ago and we stayed there on the second time last month. We stayed at Deluxe King Garden View room and it is priced at an average of US$450 per night and it is pricier now in January 2019 (according to US$ 450 is around RM 1850.

marina bay sands room bathroom
Check out the bathroom

For return guests, we were impressed. The Deluxe King Garden View room looked exactly the same as our first stay 9 years ago. The difference is there is the view of the Gardens By The Bay. Back then it was just a plain land with the sea view.

marina bay sands room tv
The flat screen TV in the room

The rooms were refurbished recently and it looks as good as new. The Deluxe King Garden View room is spacious and it comes with a King Size Bed, working desk, flat screen TV, mini bar, fridge, standing shower and more. Watch the video to see the walkthrough of the room.

For Marina Bay Sands hotel guests, you can get access to the Banyan Tree gym facilities as well as the popular Infinity Pool.

marina bay sands pool
Taking a swim at the infinity pool at 8 am.

The Infinity Pool is located on the 57th floor of the hotels and it is opened from 7 am to 11 pm daily. There are snacks you can purchase near the pool. Towels and benches available next to the pool. The crowd starts to come in from 8.30 am till late.

The view here is breath taking and most of them are here for the photos and chilling. Visit the pool first thing in the morning and in late evening and the view of the city is totally different. The infinity pool is a must visit.

We stayed a few nights here, trying out new restaurants, new retail shops and checking out the new events at The Art Science Museum.

Few of the new things you should do in Marina Bay Sands. Firstly, a brand new HUGO outlet (by Hugo Boss). This is the second HUGO outlet in Singapore and this is something you probably want to check out as HUGO offers ‘street wear’ designs for the younger market.

blossom dim sum
One of the best Chinese restaurants in Marina Bay Sands : BLOSSOM

BLOSSOM is a new contemporary Chinese restaurant that offers flavours from imperial Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton. We had really good dim sum at BLOSSOM.

the yardbird singapore
The YardBird Singapore is a must visit for authentic American brunch.

YardBird Singapore, rebranded restaurant and offers a brand new All-American Brunch menu. Their fried chicken and waffles are out of this world. This is pure authentic American recipe and taste.

There are two new events in Art Science Museum and they are Minimalism: Space. Light. Object, with artworks displayed for the first time in Southeast Asia and The Future World: The Art Meets Science.

art science museum minimalist space
Having at The Art Science Museum

art science museum minimalist exhibition
One of the art exhibits for
Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. This is a black hole, it is so black, you can’t see anything inside this black round exhibit.

Both events are schedule to run until 14th April 2019. You can get the tickets here at

mbs merlion
The two icons of Singapore, The Merlion and Marina Bay Sands.

At the end of the day, US$450 per night Marina Bay Sands Room is not just about the room but the experience in property itself. There are many good food, retail shops, events at Art Science Museum, Musical Shows and more. If you are planning to stay in Marina Bay Sands, spend your day in the property and make full use of it. This is the main reason why many Singaporeans want to spend their anniversary or staycation in Marina Bay Sands. It is the full experience that matters. You can book it at at

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