January 29, 2023

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Effective 3rd February 2019, there are new rules for smokers in Thailand. Smokers can’t just step out of the door and light up a cigarette. If you get caught, the fine can go up to 5,000 Thai Baht (RM 600++). This new smoking rules in Thailand is announced by Ministry of Public Health as reported by Sanook.

For the new smoking rules in Thailand, smokers cannot light up within five meters of the entrances or exits of any public buildings (which including public and private buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and restaurants). The new smoking rules in Malaysia is three meters away and Thailand is five meters away.

The smoke free zones extend to all parks, markets and even bus stops. There is also no smoking allowed in any public vehicles.

The exception is that government offices and state premises, universities and airports can still designate a smoking area on their sites within strict rules. 

Your information, many airports are following these new rules so they have removed the smoking rooms within the airport buildings. We understand that the new smoking rooms are located outside of the airport buildings. Please contact the service staffs for more information before you light up the cigarette in the airport.

The smoking fine is up to 5,000 Thai Baht (RM 600++). To all the smokers out there, just stick to the new rules and save the fine for food or shopping. We hope this will help you understand more on the new smoking rules in Thailand.

The public can ask for more information in compliance with the law, non-smoking public places at the Tobacco Control Bureau, Department of Disease Control, 02-590-3852 or the Department of Disease Control’s Hotline, Tel. 1422.

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